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  1. look, go pick on someone your own size, your mpathetic hahahahahahahahahhahahaha, haver to make fun outta some poor 15 year old
  2. shut your face you immature lil brat.(pickle) even tho im sitting next to u
  3. good point, the board has failed us, sell up delia its the only way of going forward.
  4. well maybe we shoudl ask the club where the money is going apart from so called wages.
  5. if  delia doesnt sell up mayb we shud put money into our club. if every fan put £20 a month into the canaries we would have a extra budget of £500 000 per month!!!   and this is based on 25 000 fans and we have more than that. in a year we would have £6 000 000 for players!
  6. well done for wat youve done, if you were a true supporter then mayb you should sell up.!
  7. I no everyone gives doherty but i feel he was one of the most consistant of performers last season, yes he makes stupoid mistakes but wat about cureton, he is always missing, i no doherty isn''t everyones favourite player but, this upcoming season lets get behind the lad. He has been a good servant to the club and when people get annoyed with him for giving the ball away cheaply, surely thats the teams fault got not creating passes for him?
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