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  1. [quote user="SooperHooper"]Morty Fuck Off[/quote] Fair point.
  2. [quote user="Nuff Said"]If Hughton puts yeast in cake that explains a lot.[/quote] I think it''s a sort of bready cake. It''s certainly a mess anyway!
  3. I think someone left the cake out in the rain! I blame Richard Harris.
  4. Sorry to hear your day out had it''s normal depressing conclusion. With any luck we will see the end of boring Chrissy Hughton at the end of this season, and a whole new exciting chapter can be begun in NCFC history.
  5. McNally has certainly lost most of his credibilty in my eyes, through his failure to dismiss Chris. Hoots should have been given his P45 at the tail end of last season. Not good enough!
  6. I wonder if Hoots accepts he''s a goner judging by some of his post match comments. When asked about boos from City fans he kept saying it''s "THEIR CLUB" etc etc. Surely if you are a manager of a club you would say "OUR CLUB if you foresaw a long term future at said club. Maybe not.
  7. Sorry, OP, I don''t believe your premise. Sadly, I think Hoots will still be here if he keeps us up; so I expect more of the same next season, winning games one nil occasionally. If we go down he might get his P45.
  8. Ken Bruce is crap, isn''t he? He tries hard to be funny, but unfortunately he will never be funny as long as he has an orifice for defecation. It makes me want to scream if I think about how much of our licence money goes to the talentless twerp. I wish the Beeb would get shot of him and replace him with somebody more interesting instead.
  9. Ruddy would probably still be 2nd/3rd choice keeper even if he kept a clean sheet in every single match. I don''t think Woy''s tw.at nav can find Norwich!
  10. I''m almost 100% sure that we have Hoots in charge of the first team until the end of the season. It is much too late to change now. However, I would very much like to see a new man in charge for next season. I don''t think I could endure another season of Hoots'' brand of soccer,
  11. I think most people would be much more polite and restrained while talking to others in a real life situation, as opposed to cyberspace chats. Self preservation is one reason, after all you''d have to be some kind of moron to call a 6'' 6" brick shi.thouse a tw.at to his face. The other reason is that most people don''t seem to have that Mr Angry/Obnoxious persona away from their keyboards - online chatting must be some kind of therapy for them for some reason. It''s certainly cheaper than seeing a shrink!
  12. Lambert, Lambert and Lambert. Better manager than Chris Hughton without a shadow of a doubt.
  13. No particular order, here goes: Bryan Gunn Robert Fleck Darren Huckerby Grant Holt Iwan Roberts All of the above never failed to show maximum commitment and were characters in their own ways.
  14. Sometimes the arguments are wonderfully off topic by the 3rd or 4th page too. Did, Didn''t, did, didn''t etc etc.
  15. I just felt like starting a thread with a conjunction.
  16. Oh well, there''s always the consolation prize of the Old Farm Derby next year I suppose.
  17. [quote user="funny old game"]10 Guest managers, 1 per game that way we''ll get the new manager effect in every game[/quote] Ha ha! That''s an ingenious solution to our problem.
  18. Just like in music, you need a fair bit of luck as well as talent to make it in football with so many wannabees competing for relatively few places. I believe Gary Lineker is supposed to have said his brother was a better footballer than he ever was!
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