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i predict a riot

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  1. im in perth australia was born in norwich got taken to the games we moved here and cannot get the yellow and green out of my blood not that i want to city till i die
  2. this is how i think the dealings have gone at carrow road. ring ring hello mr doncaster here hello neil its peter peter peter who you know neil mr 1.7 billon cullum can i talk to you and delia hold on peter ill see if i can put you on here office line ring ring delia we have that peter chap on the blower again he wants to talk to us neil tell him im not in i have just told him ill put you on to talk neil i dont want to you sort it out ok delia burrrrrrrrrrrrr hello hello bloddy people they just hung up on me again this is my fantacy world i think its how the club can say they had no offer cos they wont give him the time of day i may be wrong
  3. are you sure there looks like there is to many people out there!!!! lol
  4. [quote user="JC"] Anyone could predict this!  This is getting stupid now. I firmly predict that next season we will win some games and lose some games.... A very close source has told me that we will unveil at least 2 signings in the next few days. They are supposedly ment to be a striker and a defender. Weather they are on-loan or perminant I do not know. I wasn''t told. I hope that this source is correct, I do believe it to be. But until then NCFC fans lets all keep the faith.   OTBC! [/quote] i predict who ever scores the most goals will win a game
  5. why wait who is up for telling the whole country what we think of delia if we can get 5 maybe 10 thousand fans on carrow road on satuarday afternoon delia will have no choice but to sell up [au]
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