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  1. timncfc

    One player on YOUR wish list

    Joe cole - could be our new huckerby type signing
  2. I would have liked to see Redmond stay on the field on Saturday, but apart from that I agree with op, we do need to give it time, at least 10 league games before we even think about sacking anyone, do act before would be crazy. Got a horrible feeling tony pullis would be the man to take over and that''s something no norwich fan would want
  3. They should bring back another one bites the dust by queen. That song always reminds me of the Europe run.
  4. timncfc

    Why has holloway been punished?!

    Would never want him as a manager, but I love the bloke. The game needs the holloways of the world.
  5. timncfc

    Kevin Doyle??

    Was a good player 3 or 4 years back. Maybe he needs a change of club, but I could see us signing a player like this nearer the transfer deadline if we miss other targets.
  6. timncfc


    the ex Liverpool and Newcastle keeper? not heard of any other hooper''s
  7. timncfc

    mcnally tweet

    get in, welcome leroy.
  8. timncfc

    Ricky van Wolfswinkel

    [quote user="Gezep"]Not sure of the validity of this source but I suggest doubtful especially with the reported fee being so low, either way they suggest a fee has been agreed...


    right now after reading that i can''t help but to get my hopes up. If we are the only ones to put i offer in i can see them accepting 5m. Maybe they just been holding out for more from another club, which has not happened and now they just need the money. Got a good feeling about this.
  9. timncfc

    Michael Owen

    Im in the camp that would love to see Owen in a city shirt, I think it would give everyone a lift going into the season, my worry is that he would be weeks even months behind everyone else in terms or fitness/match fitness, to rush him into shape could cause more injury problems. Cant believe no one has took achance on him.
  10. timncfc

    Michael Owen

    [quote user="super canary"]He is coming, reliable source.[/quote]As no one else has asked, are you for real or taking the pee? what source said this? I for one think think this would be a big gamble, but one that could really pay off even if we got 3/4 of a season out of him,
  11. timncfc

    Joe Lewis

    He has 2 options, Ipswich or sheff utd.
  12. timncfc

    Naughton signs up...

    [quote user="spencer 1970"]really? damn you talk sport! Its national radio (albeit "the sun" on the airwaves)...so may be that was my failing. crystal set is in the bin! Sorry folks.[/quote]

    I was well pleased when i heard it, that was what they said, had talksport on all day and finally something about norwich, turning it off now
  13. timncfc

    Naughton signs up...

    Heard it too, good signing, now just one more please
  14. timncfc

    Football Aid at Carrow Road

    Done it two times now, hopefully again this year,worth every penny,played against Hucks and scored will never forget that day.
  15. timncfc

    Dont shoot the messenger

    [quote user="city-till-i-die"]

    Im not one for posting the brown smelly stuff, just passing on some info.

    A friend was fueling at morrisons today near CR and spotted Leon Osman also fueling his car .

    My mate is a Chelski fan and has no reason to fib.

    As i said just passing on info [Y]

    [/quote]Yeah,we must know the same person,just read it on facebook. Not spoke to Andy in a while but hes not the type to lie. Hopefully true top player