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  1. i assuming this is going to come back and bite me in the arse, but as long as we score a sodding goal i suppose its for a good cause! i have a rather healthy amount of hair too, would make my head look like a peanut, i hope your going to be happy with this outcome lol!
  2. [quote user="Carrow Roeder"]Since when did I say i was a supporter of Delia and Doncaster? I find the decision to turn down Cullum a walking disaster and has made another huge mistake as our Chairwoman. I admit, we played poorly, but we must expect it when Glenn takes off the two best players just after half time in Lupoli and Hoolahan! Just because we played poorly and I admit it, doesn''t mean I think the season is over and we are ultimately doomed[/quote]im not sure why hoolahan went off, maybe keeping him sweet for saturday, but lupoli looked dead on his feet in the second half. tried taking someone on, did a few step overs then ran into him, he didnt look too clever this evening.
  3. i didnt even realise who our captain was tonight until my brother pointed it out to me...[:$]
  4. [quote user="JC"]You cannot criticise the guy for trying, he certainly does.  He just lacks the ability to deal with the round bouncy thing when it comes near him.[/quote]when he eventually scores, ill shave every strand of hair off my body, and if my judgement is right, ill be warm for winter [:)]
  5. i agree with you, but then at the same time, the season has started now and if we start sluggish we will most probably carry on in such a fashion, and if you want to create competition for places then tonight was a perfect chance for the outsiders to get in, but they didnt take it. im not going to lose my roots in reality but at the same time i do have my standards as to what i expect my team to play in regards of a performance, and that wasnt it.
  6. ill tell you what, i cursed pattison when he came on tonight, but he was one of the only ones who looked like he wanted to sodding ball!! ran his flabby boobs off and flicked on an amazing header for crofts chance, which he missed, and how he missed it i will never know!
  7. just got back from mk, and i couldnt be more annoyed by what i have seen tonight. there was absolutely no imagination in that team what  so ever, never moved the ball foward and the sooner we sign a target man the better because there didnt seem to be any direction with the passing tonight other than sideways among the back four with an occasional pass to the clingan! the full backs did sod all in terms of pushing forward and with hoolahan sitting more central we really missed the width on both sides. lupoli looked knackered after about 50 minutes, OJ looked lively but couldnt create anything. it wasnt far off from the performance against them at the hockey stadium a few years ago, absolutely terrible. i never mind losing if we put in a good performance but the dons did naff all to provoke our defence really but we sat deep for the entire game and just pushed the ball laterally along the defence...inspiration needed please!!!!!!
  8. im going too, only a 20 minute trek for me. really looking forward to it as the stadium itself looks fantastic so i cant wait to finally go inside! hopefully wont be a repeat of the league cup game against them a few years ago!!
  9. [quote user="ob1"]Nothing like living in Luton for a while to bring you back down to earth with a f**king great thump.Chris! If you are listening in...! There was one rule in Luton I always lived to; Don''t wait till you are round the corner... just RUN!I only got my head kicked in once in the 5 years I lived there, which I personally believe is impressive.[/quote]it is indeed a horrible place, and id imagine if he got up to his naughty boy antics there he''d know about it soon enough!! thank god my town is a good few miles away from there, although i have to drive through it on my way to norwich [:(] at least i could pop up there and do a bit a scouting for everyone to keep you updated!
  10. what do you want him to do? do a head count of all the nippers? im pretty sure said ipswich fan was boding him farewellout of politeness, so if your going to give him grief, take some back! wuss!
  11. he was absolutely shocking tonight, i dont care if he isnt a left back, if he is crap there, play someone else for gods sake, we still have lappin dont we? even when in midfield his distribution was cack, his crossing was terrible and his short range passing was abysmal. i dont like to single players out for critisism but when i see that i cant help myself, he knew damn well he''d be marking lennon 2nd half but still jumped into all his tackles, get rid, we have plenty of midfielders so i certainly wouldnt be sad to see him leave. he made basic tasks look impossible, and if he is playing when im next going against MK Dons ill slap him myself!!!!oh, and for seconds i think omozusi got made a complete mug at centre back tonight, i certainly hope he was only covering for the time being!
  12. I think most of us are keeping an eye out for SJE now, especially as its so easy to get hold of the video or live footage for it. A link up would be fantastic, because then when Hucks is firing on all cylinders again we can take him back on loan when your season finishes [;)]
  13. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"]Trolls have fun. Don''t get their knickers in a twist. Don''t live fantasy lives. And have more ambition than a Sharon from Essex. OTBC  [/quote] Surely Trolls lead fantasy lives, being fantasy characters an all?
  14. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"] Looks like you''d be satisfied with any 8 players - just get the numbers up and we''ll be OK, eh? If Cullum was in charge we''d certainly have some from Roeders Lists A, B and C - rather than quite a f ew gambles from his List Q - plus of course the clubs revenue etc would still be available for other things. Dear oh dear. OTBC   [/quote]so which of the recent signings comes under list Q in your opinion then?
  15. im travelling up with 2 spurs fans tomorrow, one is a member at spurs but id rather we all sat together than on me tod! i dont see the big problem for a friendly IMO, if the boot was ont he other foot would you kick up a fuss about it? i think not.
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