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  1. ive just seen its gulf air wonder how much that is worth to them????
  2. Just had a look at my sunday times rich-list and to answer the question before qpr have mittal is worth 27 billion,ecclestone is 2.4 billion and briatore is 60 million ,wouldnt mind being a tenner behind any of them .
  3. me neither when he signs then you canary 55 can eat your words but will we see wendesday!!!!
  4. mark my words he will be a qpr player next week thats all im saying so come wendesday i will be on here saying i told you so!!!!! watch this space
  5. something ive heard just wait and see been in london all week and apparently he is one of about 4-5 signing next week for them
  6. no i think he will be at qpr come next week tuesday or wendesday!!!!
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