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  1. Don''t worry Matt we''d still have £70 million left for family :-)
  2. So things have been a bit quiet on here, close of season and all that so I''ve been thinking ( doesn''t happen too often) If you won the Euro millions 109 million would you give any to NCFC and if you did would there be conditions? I''m thinking I''d give 20-30 million but OH says it would have to be in the form of an interest free loan and a life long season ticket for the family. I''m thinking I''d like to get a better range of matchday pies in and would have someone graffiti (artistically of course) the concrete strip that goes across the boxes at the River and Barclay ends. (where we don''t have enough sponsorship) Would also get them to redesign the shop as it''s still a pain on matchday. Back to football matters of my 20-30 million I''m giving/loaning them 2/3rd would go in the player kitty. Would not want a say as to which players as it would be up to the manager to decide. Now I am aware that many on here of course would donate the full £109 million but I''m greedy and want to keep some. Also aware that I wouldn''t be a billionaire so not sure all fans would even appreciate my 20 mill donation but I have put a lot of thought into this and think my offer is reasonable. WWYD?
  3. With that number of coaches going how about "Guess how many coaches make it to Swansea without breaking down!"
  4. [quote user="Barnett is King"][quote user="birchfest"][quote user="Barnett is King"]This is a bloody joke. Yes we are doing great and I am very pleased, but there are so many bloody glory hunters! I''ve been going to away games for 3 solid years now. I have been to about 10 already this season, and now have not got as ticket to this one cause everyone wants to go because we are winning. Why didn''t these ''fans'' go before, when we weren''t looking good to go up? [:@] Grrrrrrrrr stay loyal please people! Don''t sway please.[/quote] I get what your saying, but were not Man U yet... Watford is near london and we always have big attendances for london games! [/quote]This is correct. What about Hull selling ever so quickly? Hardly a close journey is it?[/quote] Depends where you live. It''s one of my closest games this year along with Leeds and Doncaster. Pain getting to all the home games when they have stupid kick off day/times like Monday though. I''m sure we''ve always had a reasonable turnout for Hull over the last decade or so.
  5. Monday night game versus City on Sky.....Maybe Delia will be coming on at half time to encourage the crowd?... Seriously you moan about he rest of the ground when it should be the Barclay taking the lead, non stop singing, and the rest shall follow. Sometimes the Barclay can hardly be heard even in the Library.
  6. Yes, some 200 miles beneath me. Having travelled approximately 1000miles over the Christmas period visiting family and traveling to football I fancied a weekend off. Due to being unwell my other half also drives me to football at the moment (3-4 hour journey each way) so I let him have a weekend off too. OP Is that OK with you? I''m also really really sorry that I don''t make many mid-week games either. I must be a bad supporter.
  7. Having been going to football for quite a few years now I always wear colours, sometimes fancy dress (end of season). There are a few places I wouldn''t travel to alone and these places I am happy not to give them my money. But it really upsets me that people have the mentality to behave like this. He was a 16 year old kid going to game, you have a bit of banter in the stand then go home to ponder the result. I hope the lad continues to feel safe to go to any game wearing what the hell he likes. [Just make sure he walks back next to a group of really big lads or with some lasses next time!!!). Often traveling alone I have to put up with a fair bit over the years. My main hate is when people say "why does your boyfriend let you travel to football alone?" Because it is a bloody football game and there should be no reason why I shouldn''t be capable of getting on a train to travel. Even if this lad was giving a bit of banter in the ground. IT IS A FOOTBALL GAME. What is it with men and them feeling that they have to beat the crap out of people? Joe - wear what you like to the games, I would say I''d wear a morph suit with you but I''m not sure it would be very flattering. :-)
  8. Born in London. Lived in London, Kent, Essex and Suffolk before moving to North Yorkshire. Dad supports Norwich, I support Norwich. Simples
  9. But I need the fixture list to plan my summer holidays, whether I can go to Bubwith bear festival (obviously not if Norwich are at home), Christmas. Boxing Day at home means Xmas in East Anglia normally, away at boxing day then Xmas in North Yorks... Plus planning away days.. I also see what games I miss due to mid weeks (unless they''re in the school holidays as I work in a school) If there is a away day up North in the holidays then an invite to the parents or sister goes out. That is the excitement of fixture list day !!!!.
  10. done. Not far off your target now, well done.
  11. Meant to say "We talk about getting back in the premiership"
  12. I don''t have Sky. Apart from it being over priced it has wrecked football. Relegation and promotion needs to realistic prospects for all the teams in the Leagues, it''s part and parcel of football. You need a competitive league system to make grass roots football work. We talk about being back in the Premiership but if we were in the Premiership what would we realistically look forward to? An odd game here or there where we beat the big teams? It is not a competitive league anymore. They want a second tier Premiership, well get on with it because the sooner this all goes tits up the sooner we could get back to people with some balls running the Football league. It is such a shame that the Premiership have such a hold over the rest of the leagues. They are also looking at changing the format for how youngsters can be brought cheaper by the big clubs. Just another thought is that players and agents will know that the clubs will be getting the larger payments so will just demand higher paying contracts, and so it goes on. :-( This season has been a reminder that there is more to football than the Premiership. Our last outing in the top flight had little to be desired. Sadly we missed the boat when we dropped out of the Premiership when it was still finding it''s power and at present I can see our position changing much. I will have my little protest against Sky by not watching it and the Premiership by not click the links on the BBC and Sky pages. Not going to make bugger all difference but I live in hope that if the other leagues gained higher audiences then then would regain some power.
  13. [quote user="First Wizard"]If Leeds get promoted on Saturday lets see how they celebrate![/quote] Who cares how Leeds celebrate. i for one would not like to support a team with fans like at Leeds.
  14. Crap now I''ve replied to a pointless post. Why is it so difficult to ignore?
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