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  1. He was on trial at Ipswich, He was offered a contract but Wes declined and went on holiday with his mates, knowing he would get other offers.
  2. Any one got a photoraph and message for this big screen, !!! Keep it clean http://www.burnleyfootballclub.com/page/BigScreenMessages/0,,10413,00.html
  3. Has anyone got any ideas of a Photograph and Message for this big sceen, keep it clean !!
  4. It does mean They can have paul jewel instead of Ipswich !
  5. Well if he does go to Burnley, we all know it''s only untill the next club comes along with a cash carrot to dangle. It will prove he has no loyalty to a club. Colchester, Norwich. who next. as for Holt and Hoolahan following I think news on Hoolahan might be good this week !
  6. well after the Wes has signed a new contract announcement, good I imagine.
  7. The new seats in the N&P pitchside are so low a child last night had to stand the whole match to see over the barrier, pretty good as it''s the family stand
  8. Forster won''t be back Newcastle wanted four times the fee we paid last season. Lambert wanted six or seven new players which he got with the money Forster would have cost us. Mc''Nallys words not mine.
  9. He gets the ball, he keeps the ball, he looks for the pass. If no-one wants it he lose the ball simple.
  10. this would be ok http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mJ6BLiTw0Ls&feature=related
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