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  1. [quote user="Mr.Carrow"][quote user="Scot-e-dog"][quote user="Arthur Whittle"] [quote user="Steeevo"]What happened against Villa? Before my time.[/quote] More or less a riot! [/quote] I don''t remember a riot, but a lot of fans (including a load of Villa fans) stayed behind in the Barclay and chanted ''Chase Out!'' for a fair ole time. We were eventually ejected, but things were tense for a while when we didn''t know what the police might or might not do. [/quote] Remember the on-the-pitch sit down protest?  That was us......[:D] [/quote] Ha ha!  No way...  I had forgotten about that!  Legend.  Get any grief for it?
  2. Strange, as I recall that Villa game being more peaceful than most - maybe we were resigned to our fate by then.  Most of the riots I remember were earlier in the season. I too stayed in the Barclay after the match and the Villa fans were definitely sound as...  it was the 50th aniversary of D-Day (or summat like that) and Vera Lynn was back in the charts - hence signing ''We''ll meet again''. Did it kick off outside then Arthur?!  That one must have passed me by... Shame, as a 16 year old I must admit there was fair amount of enjoyment mixed in with the anger directed at Chase. Will we really see a return to police horses charging down City fans on Carrow Road?
  3. One way or another this club will still be here when I am long gone.  Until then, I will take my son and he will take his.  If I have to watch in League One I will do so. I don''t go to support the marketing dept or the Chief Executive and if I were to stop going it wouldn''t be because some sancitmonious keyboard preacher tells me not to. I go because I love my club.  I love football. I have no faith in the board and nor do I support them but I will always support NCFC.  So many people on this board miss the point.  Its not about the board and its not about oneupmanship.  It is about supporting the club that we have loved since before we can remember.  Its about the good times and the bad times that make the good times so good. Fuck off and support Man Utd if you don''t understand that.
  4. I don''t see how it is possible to defend him anymore...  the argument that other players are worse doesn''t stack up - even if we accept that to be true it doesn''t excuse someone being so woefully inept week after week after week. Especially for a striker.  Earnshaw did nothing for most games yet he nearly always scored so he is remembered as a success.  If a striker doesnt score he will be crucified.  He should be viewed no differently to a salesman who cant close a deal or a binman who tips rubbish into the street. Signing Cureton has been a disaster and no amount of sentiment can change that unfortunately..  End of.
  5. I guess the fact wages aren''t our only outgoing might be a good place to start...
  6. ''Feed the Coote and he will score...  Feeed the Co-ote and he will score.''
  7. [quote user="Houston Canary"][quote user="Marty"] [quote user="IBA"][quote user="the1englishman"][quote user="book end"]Oh dear, how intelligent is Doherty? Why on earth did he bring him down???????????????? plonker.[/quote] Sh  it happens, he was a hero last game, so dont be to quick to feed him to the lions. Split second reaction, but marshal was the problem, not the doc. [/quote] Quick? He''s been a donkey since he joined, the odd game being the exception, not the rule. Marshall is becoming a concern I have to admit...... [/quote] The Doc has been OK this year, but people like you need at least one player to slag off all the time, or someone to use a scapegoat. [/quote] All the Doherty lovers havebeen slagging Marshall, so what''s the difference? As for him being MOM vs Wolves, are you kidding?  Defense gave up 3 goals.  Defense does not qualify for MOM giving up 3. [/quote] That''s rubbish -of course a defender can get man of the match if you concede 3 goals.  Think about Shay Given vs Liverpool a few weeks back - he was easily the best player on the pitch yet Newcastle shipped 5 goals.  Given pulled one world class save after another so deserved man of the match despite the ineptuitude of his teammates. The idea of man of the match is that it is the best individual on the pitch - I wasn''t at the Wolves game so cannot say if Doc deserved it or not but he shouldn''t be ruled out just because we conceded 3.  
  8. [quote user="7rew"]Left winger has me rather flummoxed.  Mind you I was 7 then. [/quote] His head was shaped a bit like a screwdriver...
  9. [quote user="Evil Monkey"][quote user="Dions Lightsaber"] Nah you never employed me (though I did write an article for Y''army once!)...  I used to work in Claims with an Acle legend and a ginger prince.  Not forgetting a binner called Geoff! [/quote] Claims were scum.  The Payment Team was where it was at, sha.... Life Wing Masseeeeev! Innit bluh... [/quote] Ha ha!  You could cut the atmosphere with a knife whenever we walked through LW4 - forget the Bloods and the Crips, this was deep rivalry.. I think the tension was caused by an underlying inferiority complex you guys had![;)] I recall having to fight the temptation to pop that spiderman on more than one occasion...
  10. [quote user="Canary02 III"] Tis I!!! Thanks for the compliments gents. I don''t know who you are Dion''s Lightsaber but odds are I employed you so be careful if you want a reference!! [/quote] Nah you never employed me (though I did write an article for Y''army once!)...  I used to work in Claims with an Acle legend and a ginger prince.  Not forgetting a binner called Geoff!
  11. Ha ha!  Fair dues... I can guess now youve narrowed it down.  I used to work in FW4 so often witnessed the shirt unbuttoned to the navel!
  12. [quote user="Evil Monkey"][quote user="plan b"] i did those hcuk t shirts, if there is enough interest i might print a few more off if you like. [/quote] Splendid, I probably vaguely know you then? I forget who did them but I know they had strong Y''army links... Let''s just say we both know a balding, ginger Pinkun poster.... [:)] Is there such a thing as FCUK NY? No, that wouldn''t make any sense... but sod it... how about HCUK SJ(tm)? [;)] [/quote] Would this balding, ginger poster have had trouble buttoning the top 6 buttons on his shirt by any chance?!!?  Didnt know he posted on here... whats his username?!
  13. Now its frozen!!!  Sacked in the morning... you''re getting sacked in the morning.
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