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  1. [quote user="City1st"]"Looking on there website getting home tickets looks relatively easy" So it is NOT sold out - just a reflection of the idiocy of the glory hunting happy clappies Even games that are supposedly sold out have plenty of spare seats, I know I have been there. Went to Exeter season before and went round to the ticket office and all they wanted to know was whether I was Norwich fan. Got a ticket for the Norwich end. Even got a free pasty from the woman who came round with them near the end of the game. Watch away games and you''ll see loads of empty seats in the City section. For an idiot to bleat on here about living two feet from the ground but not being able to watch the game really tells me what type of ''fan'' who have now have attached themselves to the club.[/quote]   Sorry, but I haven''t just attached myself to the club. I''ve been a fan since the mid 70s-no idea why, as I''ve lived in Watford and the surrounding area all my life. Because of my finances I have only ever watched games around the London area-so I''ve experienced the delights of losing at Barnet, Northampton, Brentford and Charlton in the first round of the League Cup, as well as the joy of being kept in after the game at Chelsea after we''d gone top of the Premiership in 1992 . I''m certainly not a die-hard fan, but I''m not a recent addition either. And I''ve never seen the point of sitting with home fans-I''ve only done it twice, once in the Shed End at Stamford Bridge, and at Vicarage Road in the 2003/04 season and didn''t enjoy the experience either time. Still, I''ve got loads of freinds who are Watford season ticket holders so if I have to sit with them maybe it won''t be so bad. Maybe I''m an idiot because I wasn''t checking every day to see if the tickets were on sale. Never mind, I''m keeping things in perspective, I''m just glad I''m not living in Japan.
  2. Totally gutted, I only live 10 minutes away from Vicarage Road, been looking forward to this game since the start of the season
  3. Yes, very harsh article, Gunny is only saying what every other manager in the same situation would be saying.
  4. Watford is my home town and believe me, hoofball was all he got them to play. He was there for 3 and a half years and had time to change the "tools" but didn''t. Yes, he got them promoted in his first full season but he din''t have a clue in the Premiership, he was worse than Worthy when we went up. All my mates who support Watford were fed up with watching the stuff he was serving up. Remember the game at Vicarage Road last season, Leigh Bromby''s long throws and the keepers long punts to Darius Henderson? That was what they got all through his period as manager. Dodgy signings, signing forwards and then not playing them, playing people out of position, p*ssing off the local media, he''s done it all, he''s Roeder in disguise.
  5. A work colleague who''s a Burnley fan said Randall was rubbish when he was on loan there last season.
  6. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="Savenell"] [quote user="Barclay_Boy"]most embarassing thing I have ever seen on the back of a city shirt I saw today on the way to the ground. Some bloke, in his infinite wisdom, had seen fit to have "delia cooks on gas" on the back of his shirt. I kid you not.[/quote]   I saw this shirt as well whilst walking towards the ground. [/quote] "Delia cooks the books" would be an interesting way to get a black eye or two. [/quote] "Delia cooks socks in Hull". (Only makes sense if you''ve seen The Omen)
  7. Not the best, but my favourite: I can''t read and I can''t write but that don''t really matter, Cos I''m a Norwich city fan and I can drive a tractor. Ooh arr ooh arr.
  8. 7 League goals last year for Cardiff isn''t the sort of return we''re after is it?
  9. [quote user="ricardo"][quote user="jas the barclay king"][quote user="ricardo"] [quote user="Camuldonum"]http://www.burytimes.co.uk/shakersnews/3609802.We_can_get_better_promises_Knill/[/quote] Hopefully he will stay there. [/quote] Like Hopefully Dean Ashton would of stayed at Crewe Or Hopefully Efan Ekoku would of stayed at Bournemouth get the point im trying to make Ricardo? jas :) [/quote] Both those you mention were quite clearly different class before we bought them. I am quite confident that Bishop never will be in that class. He is a tin pot, tuppeny halfpenny 3rd rate trundler. That is the point that I am trying to make. [/quote] So what does that make the fine Norwich defence that he scored 2 goals against on the way to dumping us out of the FA Cup last season?
  10. He apparently made a lot of Anthony Stokes'' goals when they were at Falkirk, I know a lot of people don''t rate Scottish football though. Is he a target man anyway? I thought he was more of an attacking midfielder.
  11. He''s no better than Alan Lee, and we all know what everyone thinks about him!
  12. [quote user="ncfcstar"]Keep saying it, your grasp of the English language just further proves you are Chris/Canaryherts/Veloherts and all his other aliases.[/quote] I don''t know, say even on a conservative estimate, 5% of the people in this country are dyslexic, there is a possibility that some of the people who post on here AREN''T Chris surely?
  13. [quote user="Mr Angry"]I didn''t go but a few of my mates did-we knew Jem, the (original) bass player from Serious Drinking. We saw them a few times in and around London with The Higsons & The Farmer''s Boys-great nights out.[/quote] Some of my mates went to that too-I was really pi$$ed off that I didn''t hear about it, as I was a huge DKs fan-I even had a home-made "Holiday In Cambodia" shirt!
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