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  1. [quote user="ROBFLECK"]omg...do you really think he would swap his club for City??? I am sorry m8 but you''re entering the realms of fantasy again... He''s got a shot at winning the Europa league, a championship with Basle and the Swiss cup with Basle... They pay big money in Switzerland and players want to win things ... never gonna happen, dream on[/quote]   This is simply not true. For a start he is not a Basel player, he is only on loan. I''m sure playing in the Prem would appeal to him, whether or not he could play for a bigger club than us I''m not sure. As for Basel and Switzerland, they are a good team, but an average-sized fish in a small pond. Playing big teams in European competitions is very much the highlight for them. You could compare them to Celtic, so if we could contemplate signing players from Celtic, why not from Basel?
  2. Do any of you listen to ''The Football Ramble'', a free podcast. It is always quite entertaining on the commute to work, and it''s interesting too, especially the profiles of past greats of the game they do at the end. Anyway, throughout the season they''ve been saying good things about Grant Holt, and in the latest show (entitled ''Holt: Get him on that (cargo) plane'') they give his goal against Everton the credit it deserves. They also have a semi-serious discussion about whether or not he should go to Euro 2012. Worth a listen.
  3. There are so many great things about being a Norwich fan and so much to be proud of, not least the last season and a half, but sometimes some of you let yourselves down... Some of you need a cyberspace slap in the face! You know we have a fantastic manager, he''s done an amazing job for us in the short time he''s been with us. Clearly he is going to be at the top of many clubs wish list when they need a new manager. This has been the first real bit of turbulance we''ve experienced and has had most of you running for the toilet! I came on here earlier today and read posts in which people were seriously debating who we should go for as a new manager. These people were then calling the more sane posters who questined what the hell they were talking about as being ''naive''!! Hello? We''ve also had the hypocracy of Norwich fans being outraged at the possibility that a club could do to us what we did to Colchester. But the most laughable thing of all is that you truly entertained the idea that Lambert would agree to go to Burnley! So, those of you who immediateley said ''the damage has already been done''... do you really stand by that now... do you really think we are in a weaker position, because clearly we are not. And those of you saying that Lambert was playing games and should have stamped on the speculation straight away... you should take a look at yourselves. The board''s statement said that they value Lambert and his team and want to keep them at the club. Lambert, who has siad many times that he loves it here, then went into a press conference in which he wanted to talk about the FA cup game, and simply said that he was very happy with the club''s statement... So, where did all the hysteria come from?? He said that he was happy with the club''s statement, which said that the club wanted him to stay. It''s simple, 1+1 = 2. The only issue today has been that most of you chose not to believe him. Now a lot of you are being cynical in saying that he''s been lining his pockets or putting himself in the shop window, and people are holding the whole saga up as an example of what''s wrong with modern football. But no, the fans are the ones not taking a man for his word, and possibly damaging the manager''s feelings towards the club with their hysterical over-reactions and accusations. If Lambert''s career with Norwich continues to be so successful, as we all hope it will, this situation is clearly going to happen again, and the waters are going to get much more choppy than Burnley. Next time, please leave your computers for a while or at least sit on your hands and give it some time... You''ve written so many times that you have faith in Lambert... he has faith in us, not many of you have shown much faith in him today.     
  4. I agree with Billabong''s post completely. The club seemed to have finally stabilised itself... albeit at a level that it didn’t want to be at (Div 1), but we were entering a new season with a fresh management team, and a seemingly strong squad of our own players. Now they have had the carpet pulled from under their feet, and we are floundering again. Nobody was complaining about the summer signings, and nobody was complaining about the pre-season results. I accept that 1-7 was unacceptable, but we will never know if it was a one-off, freak result. The performance and result against Yoevil would suggest that it was. Sacking Gunn probably cost us a couple of points against Exeter! If they wanted to go for a knee-jerk, panic fuelled decision and sack Gunn after the Colchester game, then fine. But if it was not appropriate to do it then, how could it be appropriate after a 4-0 away victory? Lambert is probably a good manager, and should do well for Norwich in this league at least, and I hope that he does. However, I am also confident that Gunn and his team would have done equally well, and of course, as a Norwich fan aware of our history, I would prefer to have Gunn at the helm. Bryan Gunn IS a Norwich legend, and he always will be. Those of you who dispute this should look in the record books where the achievements of the team he played for are clear to see. Indeed, it is the success of the players of his era which makes us feel like underachievers now. This is why it was reassuring to have three players from that era leading the club... who could you trust more than three guys who genuinely love the club?   These are sad times at Norwich City. And, to confound it all, it is doubtful that we will see Huckerby back in yellow again!
  5. Hello. I''ve been a passive viewer of these pages for a while now. Two questions on my mind have prompted me to become active. One is about GR, the other about Spurs. 1. When GR was appointed many of us were not thrilled by the prospect. I remember several people were hoping that Jewell would come here, myself included. My question is, given what has happened since then, would you be willing to swap Roeder for Jewell, or for that matter any other current Championship manager? Would you, for example, be willing to swap GR for Mick McCarthy? Has GR done enough so far to convince you that he was the right appointment? My personal opinion is that, overall, GR has done a good job. It''s clear that his tenure isn''t going to be a disaster, but whether he can deliver Premiership football I''m not sure. (Although a lot of the factors involved in that question lie beyond his control). But I''m interested to see how far GR can take us and am happy for him to be given time. 2. When we lost to Spurs in pre-season, a lot of people comforted us by saying that Spurs were going to be a strong team in the Premiership this season. However, so far they have been the worst. Those of you who saw them play us, are you surprised by their current plight, and does it put our loss in a new light?
  6. Hindsight is a wonderful thing HC. It''s wrong of you to make such simplistic judgements now about a situation which, at the time, was more difficult, concerning and frightening than you could or will ever be able to comprehend. I agree with what you have written about how history will look back on ''W''s'' presidency... but rather it comes in your line ''If you give a bully what he wants, he will keep demanding more, not just go away and leave you in peace for ever.'' I suppose hindsight will tell us who is more correct.
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