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  1. [quote user="jas the barclay king"]Recession is a buzzword for people who aren''t prepared to do anything to change their situation....  I have managed to cut my out goings by over £150 since the so called "credit crunch" kicked in and am now financially better off as a result..i actualyl laugh when people start going on about it sometimes. the people who winge the most are the ones who keep their contract phones, by a pack of 40 cigarettes and pay £60 a month at the gym when a pay as you go phone, 20 fags and £35 a month at the gym will do just the same.... the only thing its harder for people to get is a mortgage and credit.... the Media want us to all think theres no money to cause the "moral panic".. when the reality is far different for some. jas :) [/quote]I hate to break it to you mate but you just admitted to being a part of "The Recession". You are spending less money.Most of the rest of the country are spending less money.Shops make less money so they order less stock.Suppliers get less orders so have to freeze/cut wages or lay off staff to cut costs.Employees have less money so they spend less...The economy gets smaller - this is known as a recession. It''s not just a buzzword, it''s an economic fact. It''s not made up by the tabloids, it''s announced by Bank or England when it sees the economy shrink for however many months in a row.
  2. I live in Berkshire and work in Hampshire. The ONLY local team football shirts I see being worn are Reading. There are the usual Man U & Chelsea shirts on display as you''d expect in the Thames Valley (but rarely Liverpool for some reason).I can honestly say though that I have NEVER seen anyone wearing either a Portsmouth or Southampton shirt despite visiting both town a few times. The clubs just don''t seem to be that important down here which is probably why they have so much trouble attracting a good crowd for most games. I think the only reason Southampton ever attracted a crowd before is because they had the god that was Le Tissier (everyone must admire him not only for his football skills but also for his devotion to his club).
  3. Will Southampton FC own their stadium?It''s the parent company that have gone into administration and I''d expect the parent company to be the owners of the stadium and probably any training facilities & academy they might have.So does anyone know what a buyer of Southampton FC will actually get? A team of players and membership to the FA I guess - anything else?
  4. I just asked a mate (Stoke fan) and he suggested Jeremy Goss. He didn''t know Martin Peters played for Norwich - most people outside of Norwich don''t.Another (Man U fan - well I am in Hampshire [^o)]) suggested Jimmy Hill. He''d heard that Jimmy had played for Norwich and was one of our top ever scorers. He''s right but it''s a different Jimmy Hill - not the famous big-chinned pundit so I''m not sure he would count.Ask some other football fans outside of Norwich and who aren''t Norwich fans. It''ll be interesting to see who outsiders think are the most famous Norwich players.
  5. Finchampstead, just south of Wokingham [:)]I was born & bred in Norwich - went to Heartsease infant & middle and then Hewett schools and many year later went to City College. Had to move down south when I was 28 to get a job after being made redundant 3 times in 5 years (Beaver Machine Tools (no longer exists), Laurence Scott & Centec Engineering (no longer exists)). Been down here 13 years now and can''t see myself moving back until it''s retirement time though hopefully I''ll be living in Carribbean by then LOL [:D]
  6. I think this is good business. Instead of bringing our squad down and costing us wages, Preston will be paying us to take him and his wages away! If we''d held onto him and then let him go for nothing at the end of the season, THAT would have been bad business. This way we are at least making some money out of him.Also, I''m sure there will be a clause in the contract so that if we become really (REALLY) desperate we''ll be able to recall him, not that we''d want to.
  7. What was so bad about that statement? Just looked like more of what we already know. There was certainly nothing new in it...
  8. [quote user="CT the Jarrold king"]I''ve said before on many occasions that getting the board out is the main thing (IMO) that will help us turn our fortunes around- I still believe that.[/quote]Only if they sell to someone with more money. Someone else with no money or even worse, someone with more but who is unwilling to invest would be a sideways step at best.
  9. I think slow-motion replays are ruining football. I hate it when incidents are played in slow motion and they find that a defenders little toe brushed Ronaldo''s ankle so therefore it wasn''t a dive and the penalty was a good call. Watch rugby and see how much it really takes to bring fit professional athlete down! The same applies to incidents like this. Watch it at normal speed and you can see that he is clearly making a sweeping lunge hoping that he might get something on the ball but also making damn sure that if he fails the attacker won''t still be on his feet. This sort of tackle has been a foul has always been a foul regardless of whether he made any slight contact with the ball. If he''d got to the ball cleanly and taken the player down in the process that would be fair enough but taking the player down and happening to get something on the ball isn''t.
  10. [quote user="LinkNR9"][quote user="will c"]If you have sky plus, do slow motion of the incident and you will see the ball is diverted when their player touches it, not Doc. Obviously how this could be seen in real time I have no idea, but unfortunately the ref got it right! I just think, because of past history, too much was being made of the ref''s performance and not enough of our inadequacies.[/quote] I take it you''ve not played the game to any decent level? Doc got the ball first - end of. [/quote]I disagree. The only way Doc could get to the ball at all was by going through the attackers legs. That makes it a foul. it doesn''t matter whether he touched the ball at all, if he has to hack a player down to get to it it''s a foul. Would you be arguing against it if it had been a Bristol defender bring down a Norwich player?The Drury incident is the bigger issue though, it did look like a blatant foul. The other possible penalty decisions were 20% chances at most.
  11. [quote user="Sons of Boadicea"]Lazza - You must have been sleeping while we were on The Championship as ITV made much of the Drury incident, at the time I thought it was a pen (even though I was a pitch length away), when I saw the incident on tellly this morning I still thought it was a penalty and when I saw the slow motion replay it is clear the we were denied a clear penalty.[/quote]I wasn''t asleep but I must admit I wasn''t watching too closely. I get a bit depressed watching us lose so distracted easily - I think it might have been my hot-cross buns that had my interest at the time [:$]
  12. DOH! My mistake. I did watch The Championship but can''t really say anything about that incident because I wasn''t looking too closely. They covered the Doherty incident pretty well but the rest was the usual ITV fare.
  13. It was a fair sending off. He might have just about got the ball but that was secondary to making sure he took the player down.There were other incidents in the game where the refereeing was questionable but unfortunately this wasn''t one of them.
  14. [quote user="1st Wizard"][quote user="pennywise "] [quote user="1st Wizard"]Only crawls out from under her stone if the goings good, now watch the old trout disapear again![/quote] like certain posters on here only crawl out of the sewers when we lose ? [:D] [/quote] Like who?..............win draw or lose I''m always here, so lets have names. [/quote]That''s right Wiz. Win Lose or Draw you are on here, finding something to moan about. A little positivity occasionally wouldn''t go amiss.
  15. Completely different circumstances, the only thing they have in common is that they play in US.Becks wants to stay in Milan because it could help resurrect his England career.Hucks is well past any hopes of international football and would struggle to even get into Norwich team.Becks might well stay in Milan - Hucks has no chance or intention to play for Norwich, he''s being loyal to his current team.
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