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  1. Does anyone know when the season review comes out on DVD?
  2. [quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="lincoln canary"] Im sorry guys but i firmly believe leeds will win saturday.[/quote] Oh well. [/quote]   Hahahahaha post of the month without a doubt!
  3. AHHHHHH Stop talking over the top of each other!!!
  4. Oi''m gurna sloightly disagree with yoo nael, yeh?
  5. I''ll try again, it''s early * I hope and pray that we''ve amassed enough points before the Huddersfield game that we could afford to drop them.
  6. This I believe is the period that could make or break us. Saturday, 13 March 2010 Coca-Cola Football League One Huddersfield v Norwich, 15:00 Saturday, 20 March 2010 Coca-Cola Football League One Swindon v Norwich, 15:00 Saturday, 27 March 2010 Coca-Cola Football League One Norwich v Leeds United, 15:00 I hope and pray that have we''ve amassed enough points before the Huddersfield game that we can afford to drop them.
  7. Ha ha loving the arrogance on here! League One is soooo underrated. Winning every week, scoring for fun, taking over away grounds with large a following and vocal support! I''ll miss it next season!
  8. [quote user="Mike Grant"] Give me Strength even..... LOL! I might get a tshirt with GIVE ME STRENGTHEN on it...   [/quote] Hello Neil! I''ve been a Pink''un poster for over a year now and that has to be the most disgraceful and shambolic typo I''ve ever seen. I''m almost embarrased to be a Norwich fan this afternoon.        
  9. [quote user="Spud1973"] Because the FA Cup is a pointless exercise for us, were aren''t going to win it. In the grand scheme of things we wouldnt really make any money out of it. Even a home tie to Man U would revenue wise be a drop in the ocean. Ok so for the first time in years we are not in the third round er hello for the first time in years we are in the third tier of English football, that has to be our priority I would much rather progress in competitons we actually have a chance of winning as in the League & the Paint. [/quote] Sums it up perfectly, end of argument.
  10. [quote user="AVFC-NCFC"]I think people forget that Carlise are a team in the same league as us. We had an off day they had an on day.[/quote] No that''s just plain silly, happy clapper. Send Lambert back to Colchester as part of the compensation deal and lets get Roeder on board now we''re in a relegation battle.
  12. I''ve had enough of you bloody happy clapping "Keep the faith" types!! I propose us true City fans congregate outside the City Stand before the Oldham game demanding the dissolution of the club! LAMBERT OUT DELIA OUT BULLDOZERS IN!!!
  13. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"]No income from a Third Round FA Cup tie = A hole in the January budget Somebody won''t be pleased! Nor should those brushing off today''s surrender to Carlisle as unimportant. There are consequences to everything. OTBC [/quote] I would have replied to this sooner but I''ve only just stopped laughing. I bet you like to think that you''re the star of your very own Truman Show don''t you? Oh, and stop using the word "apparently" otherwise my head will implode what with the constant cringing.
  14. [quote user="BlyBlyBabes"]It''s now that Paul Lambert has to prove his true mettle. Will he head the way of Grant and Roeder - or will he scrap and win like Worthy?. OTBC [/quote] No it''s not, you just take yourself and what you say way too seriously. It''s quite amusing actually. I think Lambert''s shown what he''s made of in the way we responded to the Leeds game.
  15. we haven''t lost since Leeds, rather we get it out of our system today and continue our good form in the league next week.
  16. Yeah I saw that, she was being interviewed with President Obama as they sat down for thanksgiving dinner. I didn''t know frozen mash and tinned minced beef was part of the tradition though!?
  17. I was 7 too. That''s probably about the right age to be introduced to live football. A hell of a lot to take in, found it ever so weird being in the company of thousands of people all cheering in unison
  18. Tranmere at home next. Can''t see anything but a comprehensive win for us - they''ve conceeded 33 goals so far this season, scoring just 2 away from home. MK Dons V Charlton will hopefully be a draw allowing us to make ground on both of them. Colchester with an easy home game vs Exeter.
  19. That old canary call chestnut "Oi''ve bin a season ticket hooldur fur 90 yairs, Nael"
  20. If that''s as tough as it gets in this league then bring it on! Lambert''s got us playing attractive, neat, flowing football again. All we need to do is get into better goal scoring positions away from home and we''ll continue to climb the table. We shouldn''t be afraid of anyone.
  21. ha ha looks as if I''m on my own with this one. I reckon it could be done though. Obviously don''t wear your colours and if we score just pretend the person you''re out with has said something that would naturally cause you to get excitable.
  22. Calling any Ipswich based Norwich fans - know of any pubs that might show the game next Monday? Anyone feeling brave and fancy meeting up if so?
  23. Ahs not gunny''s fault, ahs the players, roight! I int gorn tell yoo ''gen. Gunny 4 loife!
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