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  1. Lol well Ill be the little guy with a massive lens sat in front of the away fans! I wear glasses so Ill be easier to spot lol
  2. For those fans going to the Pool tomorrow I work for Blackpool FC (photograph southern away matches) and am travelling up there to photograph the match, and want some good fan shots! :) Am a Norwich sason ticket holder and cant wait for the game! Whos going?
  3. Funny you posted about this actually, i should be sitting amongst the wednesday fans in a few weeks time for our match against them. reckon i will struggle to contain myself IF we score (a big if! lol)
  4. Compleat Angler seems to be place for away fans, out of the train station and head straight ahead along the padestrian walkway, and pub  is visible on the other side of road across bridge (on other side of traffic light crossroads). Coach and Horses is also a good place for away fans, just do a right turn out of train station and turn right again (u turn basically out of station exit) and its not far down the road on the left. Lloyds on riverside (left out of train station and over crossing, theres a gym on the corner) does serve away fans as long as colours are covered. Most Norwich fans are approachable and always friendly to away fans, so any problems, dont be afraid to ask us! And from the riverside area, there is always a big flow of yellow shirts heading to ground to just follow them! Hope this helps, and enjoy the game
  5. It didnt go ahead as not enough players. Great shame as was really good last night. dunno if its going to get rearranged
  6. The vid that shows us pushing the broken down coach at a roundabout. The link is earlier in this thread.
  7. That vid is absolute quality, Im sat here in hysterics watchin that, brings back happy memories, of the post-match entertainment I mean, not the entertainment at the match! lol Thanks for stickin it on youtube! And whoever started the y''army chant deserves a medal! lol
  8. Never mind Norwich reserves,Kings Lynn reserves could give the Norwich first team a run for their money at the moment!
  9. Was told after the game that he kicked the door in, left studholes in the door, and it now needs to be replaced so Norwich are sending him the bill. Dont want to reveal my source though as it could get the guy in trouble
  10. I think new investment is a higher priority than a new manager. Roeder needs to be backed, otherwise all other clubs in the division will be one step ahead of us come January. Personally, I was among the Worthy in parade, and said the day Worthington got sacked that Norwich would go through a spell of four/five managers within the next five to six years. It has happened to other clubs and it will happen to us too. Roeder will either walk due to the club not having the financial strength to back him, or will quit under supporter pressure if the players dont start putting in regular solid performances.  But if performances dont improve, and with the bleak financial situation, I dont like the look of the future of Norwich City Football Club at the moment.......  
  11. Either way, true or false, there is certain to be red faces on wednesday. I will so laugh if this is true tho. However, I doubt it...
  12. D''Urso is reffing Derby v Doncaster instead http://www.football-league.co.uk/page/Appointments/0,,10794~1358255,00.html
  13. Not so much sssh''s just weird stares from some of the people around me. Mostly teens! Having said that im a teen myself! The last teen age, 19! Annoys me a lot though. Thats why I ejnoy away matches, because people sing with me. There is a group of a few of us who sing on one side of the river end but thats about it!
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