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  1. [quote user="yellow blood"]Think I read that Jason Scotland has only signed a 1 year deal...guess that''s the maximum he could stand down there[/quote] No - 2 years with an option of a third (although I''d have thought he may be a bit old by then - 33). Re the other post, I thought the total was high, but seeing the list, a lot of them are the youngsters given 1 or 2 years first contract.  A few of the older players - inc Mcauley and Norris who both arrived on 3 year contracts so are entering their last year. Then there''s Lisbie(!).....  
  2. The reason I''ve not bothered to respond to this thread is because generally it''s just a bitchy non-conductive collection of rambles which really does not need a response.  However as you want a response, I''ll give you considered answers to a few of the more sensible points discussed, as a shareholder: 1. No debt is repayable to ME until 5 consecutive seasons in the PL. 2. If ME sells, then all the debt is cleared - the ME group takes the hit on the debt coverage they took over from the banks above the purchase price. The debt cannot be transferred to a third party.  Part of the deal required by shareholders to prevent a cut and run "asset stripping" takeover by the ME group. 3. The club still owns the training ground. 4. He is running the club as a business rather than as a blind open cheque book, so each dept has to run prudently. It will be a balance to keeping losses down but needing to get into the PL to have a chance of getting his investment back longer term.  
  3. Wickham is a special talent and certianly the best striker I''ve seen at ITFC since Alan Brazil - 10 times better than Daren Bent (who I''ve never really rated - his conversion rate is low and he can be lazy).  Dean Bowditch had / has all the skill in the world (I recall players saying that on the training ground he was the best player there - when he felt like it!!) but had the wrong attitude and assumed that working was not one of the things he had to do. 3 different managers gave him contracts in the hope he would sort his head out but he was an arrogant person who swanned round the town with a "look at me" attitude - at 17 - and thought he had "made it". As they say success is a lot to do with mind set. Having met both Bowditch and Wickham, there is no comparison. Bowditch was a little s**t, Connor is a really nice young lad (not too many of them around in or out of football). Providing Wickham is handled correctly and does not burn out (note to people who kept saying he should start every match last season!), he really can go all the way. He is a huge(!) lad, very quick, two good feet and a good footballing brain - pretty much everything a top striker needs is there.  When I watched him play for the Enlgand Under 17s in Northampton earlier this year he was telling the others where to go on the pitch at the same time as receiving the ball.  One section of play I remember is him making a run down the right wing, then with back to goal, left back behind him, as the ball came towrds him he was pointing to Anofobe(?) - who hadn''t really moved off inside left, to make a diagonal run from left to right. As Anofobe came across he chested the ball down and hit an inch perfect reverse ball into his path. Clean through on goal Anofobe hit the post. His awarness was amazing for a then 16 year old.  Right now he has good games and bad games as you''d expect from a youngster - consitency is not there yet.  But fingers crossed, he and Rooney will be the strike partnership at the next world cup. He can be that good.
  4. A couple of points from me, in case you happen to be interested: 1. Cowling is a P***k. Everyone living near Colchester knows that. He has even made Tiptree United rename themselves after one of his companies after muscling his way onto its board a few years ago! 2. Cowling p*ssed me of when they were momentarily looking like getting close to the premiership whilst still at Layer Road. He was asked where they would play home games given LR would not pass the regulations. "At Portman Road" came the answer. Seems a bit presumptious I thought - surely he can''t just decide himself?  so I asked ITFC.  Had they been approached?  No. If approached would they have to accept (i.e. any rules)?  No.  Would they be likely to accept?  Probably short term for the right fees, but would be worried about the pitch if its a bad winter, so doubtful they''d sign up for anythigg more than say 3 months at a time.  So, Mr Cowling what was that "at Portman Road" statement?? 3. What other team can you name where the council actually paid for the new ground to be built and gives it to the club at minimal rent?  Surely that is distorting fair play.  Most other clubs have to finance their own ground improvements or new stadium build through their own channels!  I wonder how many Colchester council tax payers realise that their tax has gone to a club that 99% of them (given attendances of <5,000) don''t support? I feel better now! Still, onto the matter at hand.  Disappointed that NCFC has been found guilty of breeching code 20 or whatever it was - not particularly good PR within th football world for a club that!  However the penalty is whatever the judge decides and that should close the matter - let''s face it when do we all agree on the level of penalties ever handed out in football matters (or outside come to that)?  One thing for sure is that you can''t use the word "consistent".
  5. Sorry for the delay - was working away last week and didn''t have access.  Just wanted to say congratulations on getting back to where (at minimum) you should be.  As I said this time last year, the area needs you to be higher up the pyramid than league 1.    I look forward to having the Derbies back (at least that''s 2 games our players should be able to get themselves up for!). Enjoy your summer!
  6. [quote user="Sports Desk - Pete"] [quote user="Blue"]Sort of explains why that person couldn''t get their letter published a couple of weeks ago!  I can''t see a director of the club allowing his own company to openly criticise his other interest....[/quote] No it doesn''t. The MD doesn''t do the letters page in the newspaper. [/quote]   I''m sure the MD will have influence over the direction the company takes.  I''m sure the editor would be given guidelines.....
  7. Sort of explains why that person couldn''t get their letter published a couple of weeks ago!  I can''t see a director of the club allowing his own company to openly criticise his other interest....
  8. Last time I spoke to him he was considering signing 1 more year at Charlton and then moving into media.
  9. [quote user="On the way to Yeovil"][quote user="Gunn Be Gone"][quote user="On the way to Yeovil"] [quote user="Gunn Be Gone"]Why do we have to bring the Scummer here at all . [/quote] because he wants to be here and would cause havoc to most league 1 defences [/quote] Only wants to be here because it suits his personal circumstances not because of any love for the club , you really think that somebody who said Ipswich meant nothing to him after how ever many seasons he was there has fallen in love with playing for City after half a dozen games ? wake up people , no wonder this clubs gone downhill . Oh and besides that hes pretty crap anyway . [/quote] And what happend to Hucks after a few games here....Fell in love with the club, ground, city and fans. Plus if i was treated the way Lee was treated by Ipswich I would not have any feelings for them either [/quote] Can you elaborate please?
  10. Can I assume that "right to edit" in fact meant nothing was actually printed at all?  It appears that the EDP are trying to keep in the clubs ''good books'' for whatever reaon.  Exactly the opposite stance taken to the EADT who were possibly over antagonistic towards ITFC last season. 
  11. Sorry, never forgiven him for the miss against Spain in the 1982 World Cup.  Hate the guy.
  12. [quote user="First Wizard"]Hopefully it will be that lovely ex CE of Colchester.[Y][/quote] What Marie whatshername - Partner?  Wouldn''t touch her with a barge pole!  I had a couple of dealings with her a few years ago.  Talk about up herself! Didn''t give me the impression she had much of a clue. Very uninspiring...
  13. If they have got any sense it will be Derek Bowden.  He knows how to handle poor finances and also knows how to aquire investment - both within football. Not a bad set of acheivements to have on your cv for a football club needing both!
  14. Life is not as simple as "don''t sell at any price".  Many things to consider as any employee in any business: Is the player (employee) happy - will he play (work 100%) for you /  will you get "value for money"? Is the money (transfer fee and / or wages) better spent elsewhere? Do finances dictate maximised transfer revenue? I don''t know the answers but I suspect the result is that these guys will go.
  15. [quote user="south east canary"] Tax at 50% i believe and then National insurance and other payments that come out to leave him with £14K per week. Although I''m not sure if 50% tax rate has begun yet.   Thats how he/she arrived at £8k. [/quote] Top rate tax is currently 40%.  However this is only payable above the maxium level of the std rate. Without digging out the latest tax values, the first £x is zero tax, then basic rate from this to something like £40k a year then anything above this is taxed at 40%. With NI, it is only payable up to a threshold (£40k a year?) - not payable above this figure.  Therefore a good average deduction for a top rate pax payer on gross earnings is 30-35% (sliding inc scale).  So £3500 / 0.65  = £5400.  On top of this will be bonuses etc payable at various times.    
  16. [quote user="jbghost"]£3,500 net a week is close to £8 grand a week which isn''t far off half a million a year. If Cureton is on th e same thats a million wage bill for next season fro 2 players.[/quote]   How did you get from £3500 to £8000 a week? 
  17. [quote user="bluemike"][quote user="......and Smith must score."][quote user="7rew"][quote user="bluemike"][quote user="Blue"] "... some fine attacking football".  Can''t say I saw it.   [/quote]Of course you didnt, you follow a second rate shite division one club !!!!! [/quote] hehehehehehehehehe good to see you share our opinions of ipshit! (have a good look at who you are replying to next time) [/quote] Hey Einstein, sorry Blue Mike........ The clue to who he supports is in the user name. It''s '' BLUE '' !!! You''ve certainly shown your intellectual ability with this one Mikey........and all on a Norwich message board too! Don''t you just love it when that happens. Bet you can''t believe you did that, eh ? No doubt we''ll not be hearing much of you for a while.......... [/quote]Yeah ok fair enough, hands up lol, ive given you guys a classic, at least ive cheered you all up !!! I can admit that was priceless. What the hell is Blue doing posting on here anyhow lol !!!! [/quote]   I could ask the same of you!
  18. "... some fine attacking football".  Can''t say I saw it.  
  19. [quote user="ryan85k"] [quote user="Eadies Left Huckss Right Iwans Heed"]Where did you find this list?[/quote] I have a list of about 800 players. It came from a scout at a league one club, not Norwich, and is from a source that can be used by any club in football to source players and find agent details. [/quote]   I''d question your data then.  Some of it looks ok but I know for a fact Pablo is not a free agent - he signed a contract extension late 2008 - so i wonder how up to date the rest is....
  20. There seems to be lots of slagging off both directions. Those who want to claim should claim, those who don''t want to, don''t.  "Simples" :) It''s up to the individual, their financial circumstances and their feelings towards the board.  However, may I offer a compromise for those caught in the middle? Get the rebate and spend it in the club shop.  That way you make a statement, still give the club the money, but also get something out of it!
  21. Record for ITFC:  Played 20 full games + 29 as sub.  Scored 3. To be fair, the last 12 or 13 games were played left midfield and most of the sub appeatances were as a 16 year old for the last 5 mins. As I''ve stated before, I think he''d be good for you.  I''d still like him to be here.  NB. His girlfriend is local (and pregnant) so I suspect he''d like to stay in the area.
  22. NCFC is doing whatever any other business would do in the circumstances.  You try to find ways to offer something as an incentive and then find ways to ensure that it does not cost you money in practise. I''d not call it blackmail, I''d call it a good marketing strategy.  Of course the flip side is that there is no actual gurarantee of seeing the money - no figures are mentioned for the playing budget, nothing is ringfenced, nothing set out about delcaration of ''before vs after''.  Therefore there is a danger of this disappearing into a black hole as it is quite possible that the budget will be moved round accordingly with other monies that would be allocated to the playing budget moved elsewhere and replaced by the refund & Foulger money.... 
  23. Billy Clarke would be a good signing for you.  I''m disappointed he was not retained by us. (another) Young player ruined by JM.  If you can score 18 goals in one season when playing for 3 different clubs, and win player of the month at age 20, then you should have a decent future. I have a feeling this one could come back to haunt us in future.....
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