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  1. It will be interesting to see which players stay and which move on after a successful promotion season. For me, the likes of Paul McVeigh, OTJ, Rhoys Wiggins will be off. Not sure whether we will keep Micheal Rose, he is not as good as old reliable...Drury. Russell martin may struggle too. The big two questions...Do we keep all of our 3 forwards? And more importantly, who do we get in goal?? Would love to get Fraser again, a possibly of another years loan, Rudd shows great promise but we need some experience...What do you think???
  2. 24 years in the RAF, followed them wherever I have been!! Walsall last week was only 17 miles away!! OTBC
  3. I am coming all the way from RAF Cosford...17.5 miles away! My mate is coming up from Bristol for the match too, he is a Liverpool fan, and even though they are playing at Wolverhampton Wankers that same night at the same time, he has chosen to come with me!! Says a lot that!! OTBC
  4. Two Canaries fans in the RAF who are stationed about 20 mins from Walsall would love to get a hold of a couple of tickets to Tuesdays game, if anybody can help please get in touch. Thanks
  5. Of course we can still go up! When Lambert was announced I thought, like others maybe, who?? However, I am impressed with what he has done in a short time. Doc is not good enough, never has been, no longer Capt and not in the squad, time to send him to Kings Lynn with the rest of the rejects!! He has already got the best from Lappin, 4-1 v Sunderland, but no disgrace, we played our part in a good match, and on another day would have taken the lead. 3 goals from the same place! If we start a run now, then the press and knockers will soon change their tune. Holt looks like pure class, McDonald is learning and I think will, in time, be very good, Curo has probably had his day. Young Smith also looks like a real gem. Lets see what develops ??
  6. When you stop the rot, you start with the worst of it !! At least Kings Lynn will get a player that will be of the requisite standard!
  7. Every dog has its day, unfortunately our lame mutt Doc had his a year or so before we signed him. He hasnt been good enough for a very long time, what this does do though, if he goes is really stamp the new managers authority on the squad. He is making it perfectly clear he wants a strong team out, and the back line is where he has to start. Its no wonder Norwich have produced a long line of good goalkeepers, they have probably been the busiest in the league! So yes, Doc out, GOOD. Lets start to impose ourselves on this Mickey Mouse League and get back in the Championship and continue to rebuild.
  8. Currently I am out in Afghanistan ''conversing'' with the local Taliban!! Which is still one step higher on the ladder of life than talking to an Ipshit fan!!   When I get back to the UK, I am based in the West Mids so loads of away games but only get to a handful of homes !   Still, with the few players we have at least I can take my boots and get a half!!  
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