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  1. even though GR thinks he would "blitz" the championship, he will know his budget and how many players we need so I don''t think he would use most of his budget on one player. So if he does come I think we can safely assume we have at least the same amount again for perm players and loanees.
  2. yeah from today we actually see how much financial clout we have in this transfer window prior to (if we get) investment into the playing suad from a certain P.Cullum.
  3. it certainly does seem strange the offer was supposedly available last Oct when we were in the cart and that investment could have pushed us on in the Jan transfer window, remember when we would not up our price by approx £100k - £200k for Tiny and even getting a striker could have kept us near the play off picture
  4. the best looking one and nicest one, thats right NR, I still don''t know who you are as have been off last two weeks on Paternity leave, always read the mesage board and thought would post hope got you a bit worried for a little while
  5. one last clue and a big one at that when you oversleep its that nice man sitting at the desk who covers for you so JB doesn''t bollock you, so you see I don''t really care if you go sick on derby day, anyway will bound to be moved to Sunday as normal especially as we will be live on Sky featuring top of the table Canaries after our fantastic start with all our new signings.( WISHFUL THINKING)
  6. lucky guess I think not I will pass your best wishes onto JB bet you glad BA is now at Ipswich now how do I know that.
  7. you never know but bet its got you wondering, lets just say last friday you worked the 18.30 up and 21.30 dn is that a clue!!!!!!
  8. If we ended up with Paul Dickov that would just show what a sorry state of affairs our player budget must be
  9. hopefully Ched enjoyed his time here at City that we would be his chosen destination, he may be surplus to requirements at Man City as Mark Hughes is very keen on raiding Blackburn for Roque Santa Cruz
  10. Hi first post as my name suggests I work on National Express and I hope that super guard won''t be going sick on derby day ha ha
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