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  1. Gary Megson from Bolton. Having a rough time up North with the fans and fitted with the ''ex-Norwich'' thing
  2. [quote user="ncfcstar"]I think this is total rubbish and the standard "Just passing on details of our conversation" makes me think you are making this all up.[/quote] No I am not! and if you think this is utter rubbish and garbage...fine. Tell that to my work colleague, who told me
  3. Just passing on details of a conversation I had with a work colleague this lunchtime whose wife works for the Turner''s company (and I''m therefore assuming the following points have come from that source) We were discussing the recent events/comings and goings at NCFC and he mentioned the following points: Firstly, he confirmed the Turner''s had sent their staff an e-mail the other day informing them of their decision to resign from the NCFC Board. When my colleague''s wife later wrote to Mr Turner to ask why, she was told that this would remain private and did not wish to discuss it further That since joing the Board Mrs Turner had focussed all her energy on conducting a root and branch assessment of the goings on at Carrow Road where there were inefficiencies and cost savings could be made  That Glenn Roeder is hated by the majority of playing staff due to the methods he uses One of the reasons NCFC has struggled to attract transfer targets to the club is that GR does not have a good name within the playing community in the U.K. And therefore when players have been approached as transfer targets they have turned the offer down because they do not want to play for him. That GR is actively searching for a route out of NCFC due to the recent false promises of transfer cash from the Board How true some or all of this is, I''ll leave it up to you to decide. Sounds like a club on the brink of turmoil to me. Just passing on details of our conversation  
  4. [quote user="city-till-i-die"]rosenborg won 2:1     iverson didnt score..i cant find the starting line up to see if he started[/quote] Here''s the link: http://www.flashscores.co.uk/detail/soccer.php?match=77731&gmt_offset=-3600&tab=2
  5. [quote user="St.John Cooper"]You didnt really believe we would sign a decent striker before the transfer window closed did you?[/quote] Well...I live in hope!    
  6. Oh bum. I assume that means he won''t be joining us within this transfer window?!
  7. [quote user="Davo"]It''s far too early to tell yet. We''ve missed enough chances that it could of been 6 points from 3 games. Our defence is getting used to working as a unit and we can''t keep giving away penalties every game it will just take a little longer I feel. Then at the other end we''ve missed hatfulls of chances but at least we''re creating them. When we stop creating chances we''ll have cause to seriously worry. Let''s see where we are after 10-15 games before we really start thiking we''ll get relegated. Who knows by the time plymouth come along we could have a target man and he''d of had 2 weeks training with the team to get used to how GR wants to play. Davo [/quote] What a lot of C**P !!! All this ''it COULD have been'' rubbish. The facts and reality are that we only have 2 points and sit in 18th position just a few places from relegation. And to wait 10-15 games into a season to see where we are...well it will be far too late to do anything about it by then. Where''s the ambition?
  8. So to add my two penneys into the mix, there''s only one set of people you cane blame for this...that''s the Board, not necessarily releasing enough money (as we currently don''t have much) BUT for not being proactive enough in finding BIG investment, OR for turing away the opportunity when it came their way.   [quote user="lucky green trainers"]its a plain as day - proven strikers cost money - we can''t afford, simple as...expect a loanee to  arrive  until jan, when hopefully roedy will be able to claim iversen... Roedy''s budget has been insufficent for him to credibly fulfil his aim of putting out a teamwith prem ambition - that much is painfully obvious, he''s not got the full compliment of ''inbetweenies'' he aimed for - and while i agree there''s more quality in the squad this season, than at the start of last, it remains to be seen if roedy can get this group of players to realise their potential, keep improving and performing upto and beyond the present ability- cos that''s whats needed to mount a prem challenge... if it goes wrong, and players underperform, or are frustratingly inconsistent week to week, then its likely we will be struggling in the wrong half of the table... on present form, we look more like relegation battlers than promotion hopefuls...but don''t worry, if the demise continues into the autumn, our brave board will dig deep into their pockets for quality loanees to rescue the sittuuuaashun again - make no mistake???  lets hope it doesn''t come to that... [/quote]
  9. So it''s probably MORE waiting to do until midnight on Monday, then MORE frustration when we find out we haven''t permanmently signed the player we''re looking for! In the meantime MORE disappointment that we haven''t taken 3 points from Saturday''s game and are left languishing near the foot of the table!!!!!!!!!!! I can''t stand all this 
  10. And so the ''other player'' GR refers to won''t be JFH http://www.eveningnews24.co.uk/content/Sport/story.aspx?brand=ENOnline&category=Sport&tBrand=ENOnline&tCategory=Sport&itemid=NOED29%20Aug%202008%2011%3A36%3A07%3A807    
  11. Interesting. http://new.eveningnews24.co.uk/content/Sport/GlennRoeder/story.aspx?brand=ENOnline&category=GlennRoeder&tBrand=ENOnline&tCategory=GlennRoeder&itemid=NOED29%20Aug%202008%2010%3A33%3A19%3A370 Seems there are 2 players he could be after...If Iverson is one, who''s the other?
  12. Based on results between us over the last few years there''s not going to be much in it. However, I can''t realistically see us getting 3 points and will do very well to get a draw (which IMO will not be good enough baring in mind our league position) 0-2 to Birmingham  
  13. How about...Why does GR keep making promises that never materialise? e.g. "I know the player I want am he will be here within 7 days"
  14. [quote user="Scooby"][quote user="yellow hammer"][quote user="Scooby"] I don''t think scoring will be our down fall. JUST STOP KICKING PEOPLE IN THE BLOODY AREA !!!!! If we hadn''t given away 3 pens P3    W2    D0    L1    GF3    GA2    pts 6  Gd +1            position = 7th   Not so bad? [/quote] I''ll construct a table for you that shows our league position had we not let in any goals - if it helps your delusion.... [/quote] I''m sorry? Delusion?  Did I imagine us giving away 3 penalties in 3 games, or did that really happen?  Can''t see how that is being delusional at all.   But the FACT of the matter is that we DID give away 3 penalties and they were scored from. Is doesn''t matter whether a fictious position is "not so bad" or not, we''re in 18th position with just 2 points of a possible 9 and a goal difference of -2. Yes you need a damn good defence BUT you''re never going to give yourselves a chance in football if you don''t score a hatful of goals. [/quote]
  15. Daily Mail are, this morning, reporting that Preston want to line up a deal to take Anthony Stokes on loan http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/gossip_and_transfers/default.stm Another potential target where, it now seems, GR needs to get in there quick
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