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  1. Would we rather have Cameron Jerome or Antonie Sibereski than Shola? What do you reckon? OTBC
  2. I have no sources but I think this might be the nice little mover Glen has been talking about? Fingers crossed guys. OTBC
  3. Goodbye NCFCnews and darken our doorstep again!! Where is Ah Newton Mink though? "Man in the know" I wounder if he is talking the truth with his cryptic clues? OTBC
  4. NCFC news why bother making this rubbish up!!! If you are geniune, which I very much doubt it! Reveal who you are and back it up with geniune info!!!! If not go and play on TWTD!!! OTBC
  5. Thanks Pete for the response. Fingers crossed that this person is right. I''m not holding my breath though!!!! OTBC
  6. Look pal why bother making this tripe up! Pete can you confirm that there is a press conf this afternoon. OTBC
  7. Look pal is this true? Can Archant confirm this to? If not don''t get our bloody hopes up its bad times at the moment, we need good news fast! OTBC
  8. I can 100% guarantee that Simon Lappin has not gone to Devon! That picture must have been taken at Colney training ground? I cannot reveal who I have heard this information from as it would compromise his/hers job, and trust me i''m not GNG I only deal with facts not conjecture. Also don''t jump to any conclusions about the take over deal before we know the facts, which should be released after the transfer window closes. OTBC stay positive I''m sure all will be revealed soon.
  9. Simon Lappin did not go with the rest of the players to the training camp in Devon! Also read Peter Cullums statement in the EDP, don''t jump to any conclusions yet! I will post more when i have some info. OTBC
  10. Anyone else thought that GNG could be Kevin Piper? OTBC
  11. Nice one mate! We need some humour in these silent times? OTBC
  12. What about Anglia news then? No footage on the news as always either? Does the club exist or is it just a restaurant and hotel now? OTBC
  13. If Delia has gone from the club don''t you think that the pinkun or official site would run the story first! The reason behind the deleted posts that they could be deemed libel! Wishful thinking I know guys. The silence from this club is deafning? Odd times at the moment, not even pics of the players training, why? Can Archant answer why the club are not releasing pics of training like they have done every year before? OTBC By the way sorry about the earlier post it was a test!!! Which failed!!! Didn''t want to stir or be like GNG!
  14. Delia has sold her shares and quits, will be announced tomorrow? Can anyone tell me if this is true? OTBC
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