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  1. I guess your not up for answering me then Wiz... Been proved wrong by one your youngers by any chance :P
  2. Got a scenario for you Wiz, We release Doherty, his wages are used to bring Jackson in on a free to fulfill a player/coach role maybe.. Would provide experience and cover as thrid/fourth choice centre back. Secondly, we then buy Gorkks for £250,000 and he becomes a one half of our first choice centre back partnership with, wait for it... Taylor, costs us £750,000, and becomes the second half of one of the best centre back partnerships in the division.. Would you be happy then?!   As far as I''m concerned you need four centre backs in a squad, if Doherty is released then bringing Jackson in wouldnt cost us anymore as he would replace him. And if Doherty stayed we would still need two first choice centre backs... So really it comes down to the question, who would you prefer Wiz, Doherty or Jackson?
  3. Im not sure whether your taking the piss out of my Kevin Phillips suggestion for a good reason or whether your just an idiot..
  4. Sibierski and Cole are both donkeys... However, at least Cole knows how to find the back of the net regularly. In my honest opinion, if we are going for a veteran striker, look no further than Kevin Phillips.
  5. Im willing to put forward that this thread is one of several that is designed to get speculation going.. Lets be honest, Roeder has said signings wont be happening for next two-three weeks now so I wouldnt be expecting any until end of June.
  6. I was thinking of Ben Shearing And as for you, Ive played against you several times
  7.                         Cech Alves   Ferdinand   Cannavaro   Evra             Gattuso   Pirlo Ronaldo         Kaka         Ronaldinho (if to his potential)                      Torres
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