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  1. Agree with all the above points, but what about..

    Kennedy - Scottish international and Celtic first teamer before his inuries.. From what iv heard is a Malky no nonsense type of defender and partnered with Stefanovic they could be the best pairing in the league

    Russel - Will run up and down all day long and with a few goals pre-season his confidence should be up for getting in the box a bit more. Very highly rated by other managers is the perfect foil for Clingan or Fozzie

    Koroma - 2 week trial and signs on for the FA Cup winners and a top ten premiership team.. the boy has to have some real quality

  2. Iversen.... no no no no no no no please!

    Was shocking at spurs and has been out of the english game for too long - i would be extremely disappointed

    Ameobi..... no

    scoring record is ok, but like the first poster said, he doesnt win that many headers or score many with his head so not the solution to our problems

    Howard.... yes

    scoring record is ok at this level, got around 15 goals for a couple of seasons, player most like dion (who remember wasnt the most athletic)

    will win headers, can score with his head and also can be used as a battering ram when needed

    if we sign him, i predict he will get 10 goals next year as well curo and lupoli getting 15 each and oj getting 7

  3. Is it just me or is there not a rule this season where you are allowed 7 substitutes on the bench from which you can use 3?!


    Omuzusi      Kennedy   Stefanovic   Bertrand

    Croft            Clingan      Fozzie       Hoolahan



    Subs: Nelson, Shackell, Otsemobor, Pattison, Chadwick, Koroma, Cureton



  4. Best post Iv read on here in ages.. and this is proved by the fact all the crazy whingers are refraining from replying!

    I agree with all your points and in particular about giving this squad time.

    I believe already the squad looks stronger than it was last year.. We have 2 players for every position, excluding striker, and some of the new signings are real quality.

    Hoolahan - looks like the midfield playmaker/passer we have needed for ages

    Clingan - looks industrious, hardworking but also with quality

    Lupoli - you don''t play for Arsenal and Fiorentina without being half decent

    Kennedy - Scottish international and Celtic first teamer before injury tells all about his quality

    Stefanovic - experienced campaigner who shackell should benfit from playing with as well playing for pompey for several years in the premiership

    Bertrand - widely praised, several premiership teams wanted him

    Bell - goalscoring, creative midfielder... just cos he didnt cos 1 million or above doesnt mean hes rubbish


  5. Goalkeeper - Just experienced cover needed i.e. Russel Hoult

    Defence - Cover for right back i.e. Jack Cork, two first choice centre backs i.e. Gorkks and Taylor

    Midfield - Covered especially if Gow signs

    Forwards - Strong target man i.e. Rasiak/Howard and a quick powerful front man i.e Ameobi/ Rigters/Beckford


  6. You all seem worried about the amount of goals he will score...

    Let me ask you, how many goals did Dublin score last year?

    Now to my main point, Clive Platt is not the star striker we are hoping for neither is he the prolific goal scorer we need.


    We need different options, he would be our new battering ram.. the kind of guy you throw on for the last 20 if your losing to provide some knock downs and chances for poachers. Or the kind of guy you need playin up top on a rainy tuesday night in January at Watford where physicality is the game.

    Of course we would stilll need to sign anopther striker and I would like in fact to see another two if Platt is signed... One poacher type i.e Phillips and one tall, skilful type i.e Rasiak

    But if Platt comes with a low price tag that doesnt stop us from getting these other types of striker we would also need, then i say dont write the guy off yet.

    If he returned with 8 goals, Cureton got 10, Phillips got 15 and Rasiak 15... would you be complaining then?!

  7. Bass, good suggestion there... although i think by playing two holding midfielders would provide a bit more cover and with Fozzie playing there he would be able to play the ball about a bit.. out to the wide men or to Gow playing the number ''10'' role...

    In all honesty,


    Otsemobor   Albrechtsen   Gorkks   Betrand

                   Clingan/Russell   Fozzie

    Chadwick/Croft              Gow               Hoolihan


    Subs: Arnold, Shackell, Clingan/Russell, Pattison, Cureton

    would make me pretty happy

  8. At the moment I would go for a european style midfield formation;

                   Clingan       Fozzie

    Chadwick          Gow            Hoolahan

    with a strong, mobile centre forward up front who can also get some goals i.e. Rigters


  9. Goalkeepers - Marshall, Gallagher, Arnold

    Right Back - Otsemobor

    Centre Back - Shackell, Doc?!

    Left Back - Drury

    Right Midfield - Chadwick, Croft

    Centre Midfield - Clingan, Russell, Fozzie, Spillane, Gow?!

    Left Midfield - Pattison, Eagle

    Striker - Cureton, Martin


    So in my eyes we still need two centre backs at least, one left back, one right back, a left winger, and two strikers... Any ideas?!

    Id suggest

    Cork and Bertrand on loan for the two full back slots

    Gorkks and Rob Jones for the centre back slots

    Hoolahan for the left midfield berth

    Boyd and Phillips for the striker slots

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