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  1. Because he iws getting the chances at the moment and not putting them away... Hence everyones frustration last season and Roeder''s from Saturday
  2. [quote user="The Walking Man"]It''s not the amount of goals a big man will score but also hoe many he will create. E.g. Cureton and Iwelumo upfront, Cureton scored 24 and Iwelumo got 18, that''s the 39 goals you nedd plus a few more besides...[/quote] We dont need a big man to create any more chances, we are creating enough as it is... Just dont have anyone to finish them
  3. Dont know, but I hear Iversen is going to be given number 27 in tribute to the previous wearer
  4. Fellas, I could have scored that header... So your point is? And Iwan Roberts?! Why is he being brought into it? He was a good striker yes, but i still wouldnt want him now at this moment in time.. As he was not an out and out goalscorer and that is what I believe we need. And anyway, all this stuff about Iversen is speculative links coming from Archant and this board. I have heard nothing from either our manager, the national press (who sometimes get stuff right) or even SSN or BBC Sport about the man
  5. That is why I dont think Iversen fits the bill, as I believe he would only get around 10 goals this season. We need someone like Rasiak who will get around 20 goals if playing regularly Then Cureton to get 15, Lupoli to get 10, Koroma to get 8, Attacking midfielders to get 15 between them, Defensive midfielders to get 5 between them and same for defence
  6. I think you have misunderstood me... I am not saying Iversen is not a good player.. I have no doubt he has quality but I do not believe he is what we need. I used Beckford as an example of what I believe we need. Im not saying he is the only answer. I believe we need a tall striker who can also put the ball in the net 20+ times a season, eg Beckford OR Ameobi OR Rasiak I do not believe Iversen would get that many goals for us and that is what we are missing. We dont need someone to come in and create chances, like he does, as we are creating enough as it is. We just cant score them. And yes we need someone who can score headers, that is why im saying a TALL striker They dont have to be a targetman who can win flick ons and hold up the ball to do that I mean look how many Owen or Shearer have scored with their head and neither of them were out and out target men
  7. MK Dons - 1 (Andrews) Norwich - 3 (Chadwick, Kormoma, Clingan)
  8. Looking back on it now, being a football fan during this period of time does seem quite nostalgic. I for one, would encourage the bringing back of terracing in certain areas of the ground, i think it would improve the atmosphere no end and also securtiy issues would not be a problem due to the high levels of technology and expertise available to coppers these days
  9. Ok so lets have it then Your preference of strikers from the people we have been linked with
  10. Good shout but only on the 31st of august if noone else has come in
  11. I am not stating that Beckford is the answer, he in fact could be a total flop too But what im trying to say is that i dont think Iversen is the answer to our problems, he sounds like a second support type of striker who creates chances for the main striker. In my eyes that is not what we need, we need an out and out goal scorer who also has the height to put away crosses. Someone like Dean Ashton is the sort of player im alluding to. A guy who could head a ball, hold it up as well as scoring 20+ goals in this league. Yes Iversen fits the first criteria, but he certainly doesnt fit the goal scoring part and so I believe he isnt the rigt option As for Macdougalls Perm, your comment makes you sound ever so slightly childish and immature yourself. I am 17 if you really need to know, not that it should matter to post on here
  12. I would stick with the tried and tested 4-4-2 formation and go for                         Marshall Omuzusi   Kennedy   Stefanovic    Shackell Chadwick   Fozzie   Clingan   Hoolahan                      Lupoli     Cureton Subs: Nelson, Drury, Bertrand, Rusell, Koroma
  13. Because you cant seem to accept any other targets? It seems like its Iversen or bust for you.. And how can you judge a player from a few games on sky.. Idiot
  14. If its a target man and a 20+ goal a season man all in one then im happy Oh and by the way that aint Iversen
  15. Im not a statistician but simply pointing out what we need.. And thats someone who is going to score 20 + goals a season What is the point in bringing in someone with their sole purpose to set up chances for Cureton etc. and who is only going to end up with around 10 goals themselves. Cureton and Iversen together would bring around 25 goals between them, where as we could get a proper goal scorer who would get those 25 goals himself as well as having Cureton or Lupoli who would get around 15 themself.. Stop being so narrow minded Please tell me what is so good about Iversen? And have you actually ever seen him play? Or are you going on reputations? Oh and what happens in a year or two when his legs go because he will be around 34/35 because trust me not all players can carry on like Dion
  16. I completely agree with you. I think we need a tall striker who can get his head on a ball from crosses into the box but he also needs to be quick and a good finisher. The need for a big lump up front or someone who creates for the other strikers has been negated by how we played on Saturday with the team creating enough chances without this ''target man''
  17. Yeh at a rate of 1 in 5, so taking that into account he would get around 9 goals for us next season. Would you be happy with that from our first choice striker? And its not about bringing someone in who can win flick ons and set up chances for Cureton etc. because we created enough chances on Saturday without that, we just needed someone on the end of them who could finish the chances of and thus we need a 20 goals a season striker if not more. Im not saying that Beckford is who we should be aiming for, but in terms of what we need I think he is by far and away the better option than Iversen
  18. Curetons scoring record is better than Iversen''s at this level but everyone is quick to criticise him. He got 1 in 3 for us last year. We need a goal scorer and how does Iversen fit that bill?!
  19.                            Nelson Semmy    Stefanovic   Shackell     Drury Chadwick   Russell   Clingan   Hoolahan                   Cureton   Koroma Subs: Marshall, Kennedy, Fozzie, Croft, Lupoli  
  20. How is Iversen on a completely different level to Beckford. Iversens record in the Championship is 1 in 4 and in the Premiership is 1 in 5, and you would be happy with that? Beckford''s record is 1 in 2 in the league below us so i think it would be a safe bet his record in our league would be a lot better than 1 in 4. And you seem to be alluding to the opinion that League 1 isnt as good as the Championship, if so then why do teams that get promoted into out league do so well with usually the same squads as they came up with?!
  21. Oh and then look at this for Beckford Years Club App (Gls)* 2001–2006 2003–2004 2006– 2006 2007 Wealdstone → Uxbridge (loan) Leeds United → Carlisle United (loan) → Scunthorpe United (loan) 98 (51) 7 (2) 51 (22) 4 (1) 18 (8)    Vastly more impressive as well as being a lot younger and also quicker... I dont think we necessarily need a battering ram, how we played at coventry just suggests we need a finisher who also has a bit of height for corsses coming into the box. We arnt looking at play route 1 football so his lack of strength isnt a problem. He is also quick and will get in behind defenders from the numerous through balls etc. from Hoolahan and Lupoli
  22. Years Club App (Gls)* 1995–1996 1996–2003 2003–2004 2004–2005 2006– Rosenborg B.K. Tottenham Hotspur Wolverhampton Wanderers Vålerenga I.F. Rosenborg B.K. 50 (18) 143 (36) 16 (4) 29 (11) 45 (32)  Not entirely impressive is it?! less that 1 in 2 for rosenborg first time round less than 1 in 4, nearly 1 in 5 for spurs 1 in 4 for wolves nearly 1 in 3 for valarenga over 1 in 2 for rosenborg lately but seriously how can he be he player you all really want?!  
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