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  1. i eat spam and i hate whami eat jam and sometimes lambi ride trams and i hate rams i like dams and i like SAMcopyright " im a cat "!!!!!!!!
  2. [quote user="AndyJR"]Your not a cat your an owl.[/quote]no no theres definately only paw marks on my keyboard, no feathers in sight. [:)]
  3. [quote user="we8wba"]what happens if .... romania lose 3-0 italy v france ends 0-0   ???????? [/quote]20 tonnes of cow shit will be dumped outside the front door of every wolverhampton player and fan.oh i''ll fly to australia and personally headbut kevin muscat in the nutscome on, let this happen.
  4. [quote user="mrdi"]He''d be like a wonky-legged Simon Charlton, I reckon.[/quote]hmmm maybe he could play centre midfield as well.charlton did it under worthy . [:)]
  5. [quote user="kdncfc"][quote user="im a cat"][quote user="TwoSheds"]Sign your contract or sod off![/quote]here here[/quote]I think I''d prefer it if he went for the second option which because he''s taking so long I suspect will be the case.[/quote]i was just agreeing that hes taken his sweet time in making a decision. hes should stop fannying about and make a b-line for the exit, PROMPTLY.
  6. [quote user="TwoSheds"]Sign your contract or sod off![/quote]here here
  7. [quote user="Houston Canary"]Yah, the French have a fine one, but it has not done them a lot of good now, has it?  You know why they planted trees along the Champs Elysees?  So the Germans could march in the shade.[/quote]you cant say the french dont try to be willing hosts[:)]
  8. [quote user="Houston Canary"]im a lumberjack - im a cat That''s okay.  You sleep all night and work all day, right? [/quote]exactly !!!!i was going to write it but i thought people might not remember it
  9. [quote user="susie b"]Cats love cheese because they spend the vast majority of their lives asleep, and the cheese helps them into slumber and gives them pretty good dreams! My theory, anyway.[/quote]thats actually quite correct. we definately have better dreams, mostly dreaming about bigger pieces of cheese.im a cat.[:)]
  10. [quote user="arrdee"][quote user="ncfcstar"]No COD4 is excusable...just....(it is the best online game out at the moment though) BUT no GTAIV :O or the new Metal Gear Solid, mate you need to order them now![/quote] Wow we!!! these games sound exciting , are they as good as "Space Invaders" or knock the bricks out of wall sorter game ? count me in if they are . arrdee. [/quote]i prefer tetris personally
  11. come on wiz, give glen a break. he was probably just chasing skirt down in ibiza for 5 months, you know how it is, lads stuff and all. anyway you cant party without the pennies so im sure he''ll be here doing a great job for city get us promoted then nip down to spain again and party party party some more.things are finally looking up !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. can anybody confirm or deny whether ferreira has dropped some acid for that photo ?he just kinda looks out of it just wondering is all.
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