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  1. I helped print an edition of the Quran whilst working in Dubai earlier this year, couldn''t understand a word as it was in Arabic.Every charcter of every page was scrupiously checked by a Cleric and a Government official before proceeding with the printing, took an age to print as it ran to almost 700 pages. Was proud to be involved though as I have already produced the Holy Bible many years ago when in Norwich.Getting back on topic, Christmas is too commercial now, just an excuse for shops to sell more and more crap.We''re having a frugal Christmas this year as I''m currently unemployed. Not much fun at all. Bah Humbug!!!![:(]
  2. steady on Shaun, too much thinking upsets the brain cells.[:D]   The way I see it it is we, meaning the club and the fans, are still smarting by the failure to stay up in the Premier League. That season was one hell of a roller coaster ride in many ways and the complete failure of the team to turn up on that fateful day at Fulham, (unlike the fans), still sticks in a lot of peoples throats. How on earth could a team not respond to the level of support they received that day and also during the following couple of seasons is beyond me.Tie that to the fact? that the players earn vastly more than 99% of the supporters who follow them then you can see why the supporters have become very disillusioned with the steady decline in the team performances.The passion is just not there in the team anymore and it follows that the fans become less passionate as each pitiful result has shown. Sadly I had to give up my season ticket 2 seasons ago due to redundancy, but I still listen every week on Radio Norfolk, or go to a local pub whenever they are on TV, unless things improve soon, by that I mean the team showing more passion to try and carve out a result, the level of support will start to decline as the current financial turmoil takes more effect on the fans of this club. It is very difficult to remain positive at the moment but there are more important things in life.
  3. Have to agree the lad Walcott certainly came of age last night, good all round team effort too, hope it stays that way. Winced a bit when Joe Cole went down like a sack of spuds just after getting clobbered, looked very serious at time. Watched the game live via my satellite system on a German tv channel,[:D] having previously watched Russia v Wales and Finland v Germany. All followed each other on the same channel, thats how to do sports broadcasting!!! all free too, and good quality picture, just wish I could understand German apart from dumkopf.[:P]  
  4. sheesh, always knew you were an old fart Dicky.[:P]
  5. " we had to keep the money aside for repainting of Delias restaurant next week"
  6. Having just spent 6 months out in Dubai, the Arabs sure have big wads of money,. and lots of them like their sports too. All glued to the tv''s in the hotel bars drinking pint after pint and oogling all the girls. Even saw one so pickled that he was very very politely asked to go and frequent another bar. The poor African security guy was pooping himself in case he had to manhandle the Arab away, could have been accused of assualt and the Arab''s word would have been gospel. at least 6 months inside for the security guy. The manager of the company I was doing work took us out one day and had to fill his Lexus with petrol, was almost on empty, topped it right up for about £12................ lucky gits. G.Brown take note. The company was actually owned by a Kuwaiti consortium, so even more money there, wish I had mentioned Delia and Norwich''s plight to the top man when he came to visit us one day whilst at work. Oh well, maybe next time.
  7. interesting to note which ex City players actually got on the score sheet today: Lisbie 1goal Thorne 2 goals McKenzie 1 goal all forwards??????????????[8o|]
  8. Can''t see where anyone who bought the shares in small numbers ever thought they were in it to make a ''killing'' financially, they did it to put money into the club/team.So YES.
  9. I''m sure the prodigious use of a baseball bat will change their minds for the good of the club.
  10. Well done Capt, glad someones picked up on the idea. Might get the ball rolling, who knows?
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