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  1. I see that Swansea are on the verge of signing Ryan Harley. Interesting as we were linked with him at the beginning of the transfer window! Also Brighton were after him as well, wonder if Harley was going to be a replacement for Elliot Bennett who would then sign for us?
  2. I cant see lambert letting rusty and spillane go without having someone else to fill there boots.
  3. David Wright is still available on a free transfer I think. I think lambert could get the best out of him. Up front I think billy sharp would play well with grant holt.
  4. Does anyone think we will get anymore players in during this window?
  5. I wonder if this means we wont be signing Barnard then!
  6. Cant believe that someone hasnt signed Leroy Lita yet! Gunny sign him up! Dont think he would fancy dropping down to league 1 though!
  7. Does anybody know what happened to Scott Neilson the Cambridge city trialist? Looked pretty good against fakenham but havent seen or heard anything about him since!
  8. The answer is NO! We get fed the same bullshit every season! We will end up with all the dregs and rejects as per usual! League 2 here we come!
  9. I always think marshall looked nervous or lacking confidence. Good shot stopper but poor at collecting crosses and commanding his area. No great loss if you ask me. We need all the cash we can get now anyway. Serious squad rebuilding has to be done. Clingan to go next I reckon!
  10.  Unfortunately football doesnt work like that. We beat barnsley 4-0 and havent won a game since!
  11. We have had a bid rejected for stefan iversen rejected according to reports in rosenburg. We are also expected to go back with an improved bid!
  12. Oh dear, oh dear! Here we go again!
  13. Suprised to see carney not even named on the bench!
  14. I know darren purse was at the game last night but I see hes on the bench for cardiff tonight so maybe we wont be signing him after all!
  15. What is it with all these scummers coming onto our website!I have too work with enough of those p####s as it is!
  16. If he had any decency at all he would resign now. It doesnt take a fool to realise that he isnt up to the job. Only problem is, if the board have to sack him there will be even less money for the next manager to buy new players with. Thats if any managers want to come here!
  17. Just gets better and better! 1-0 down after 6 minutes. Just to top it off its an ex scummer whos scored against us! One good thing is Roeders days as norwich manager are numbered!
  18. Cracking start again. Henderson in 10 yards of space nods home. What is going on? Surely Roeder has got to go!
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