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  1. henri camara sibierski mo camara  
  2. oh dear .. recent reports are telling me sam the eagle has been blocked :o
  3. [quote user="TheMarshmallowMan"] Next target is punctuation. [/quote]   hush your mouth MarshMallowMan. you can''t even spell "Mellow"
  4. your glad england aren''t in one of the biggest competitons there is ? your glad your going to be watching the euros this summer supporting your country ? i pitty you
  5. congrats you have managed to leave a post without correcting peoples spelling mistakes. blimey, now your mother must be proud. another medal for you
  6. [quote user="Sam The Eagle"]DION IS GOING TO LOWESTOFT ..  [O][/quote]   it''s true
  7. [quote user="fat lip"] [quote user="Post Man Pat"]where is all the money from sponsors, ticket sales going then ? i can''t see it really going towards players this moment of time .. and didn''t see much of it going towards players last season when roeder took over .. unless the paid grant to leave ?[/quote]   I thought it was Postman Plod that was the miserable B''stard [/quote]   nope that is squidword
  8. is this a joke ? you actually think blackburn will want him lol
  9. [quote user="Greenwich Canary"]Glad England aren''t there, they''re so boring. Germany play some decent football these days, hope them or Spain win.[/quote]   glad england aren''t there. you deserve to be shot
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