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  1. Me aint bettin with a stranger like you mate !! u just watch, Shola a city player !! U wont be laughing when it happens !! U will be the one red faced !!
  2. Wat ya mean mate, dont feed the trolls ?? Is that Racist or somin ??
  3. There aint nothing wrong with Gangsta mate !!
  4. Believe all you want mate, at the end of the day me saw him, you watch Shola will be a Norwich City player by the end of the transfer window, watch this space
  5. Sittin in the yellows at half time, drinkin my coke, and I look out the window and there in front of my eyes walks Shola, now he turned down the Scum in the morning, is this the Sign that he comin To Norwich, Believe me or Not, But I saw him !!  
  6. Wat the hell are you on bout Delia Out and Roeder Out, Put it this way, ave you got the money to invest in the club if you ave then you take Delias place and ave you got the manager skills to run Norwich, I bet you aint got none of them !!  
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