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  1. STUPID RULE done to help the english game but confirmed arsenal players such as fabregas djorouou would all come under the new rule as home grown
  2. been every stadium in league bar blackpool (do end this month), burnley and forest. id put palace in worst 3 category. hope its not a sunny day and hope you dont have a piller in front of you
  3. cant see why people cant post it, i made a joke the other week and got banned yes it may offend people and if it does then very well delete the thread no harm in this just bit of banter at the end of the day
  4. [quote user="CT "] I have my suspicions that the one they call we8 is behind all of these annoying posters. inc- doc bunsen[:O] [/quote] not me kidda
  5. 3m some you crazy? anyone wondered why reading want him out? coppell is a nononse manager, quite clear that leroy is disruptive individual who although is very talented is too big for his boots now he would be a good signing but he needs to find consistancy he seems to score in flurries off 2 or 3 goals in one game and look class/unstoppable to the next 3 or 4 not scoring correct fee for the lita is 750k - 1.25m in my opinion. is the lad out of contract in the summer? ps. heard strong rumour wba are looking to loan him (not buy him) in janaury
  6. [quote user="CT "]It''s in the Sun so it MUST be true [8-)][/quote]   stop copying mick mccarthy comments
  7. hmmmm manutd chalked up at 1/2 that to good to be true vs some unknown ecaudrian side.  
  8. Cancel My Selection of Celtic   New Selection - Manchester Utd to win their world club champ match on Sunday Morning - No odds currently provided but should be a shoe in for our devon [:D]
  9. hennessey was apperently off to spurs in january but move may be cancelled by us now due to matt murray. so this the case spurs maybe looking for another keeper. one other key factor is gomez is now finally finding some form which may convince harry keep him till summer at least, but then is it to little to late for gomez
  10. and the one i get chance watch will be on sunday. will end 1-0 with utd pissing the match but wasting chance after chance after chance typical isnt it.
  11. I like all your convidence and wish i had some of it myself for our team fixture sat, charlton poor form but no mugs mind you! may not be this week but i think theyll start to come to form soon
  12. i think this is one of the hardest weeks ever in picking selections. good luck!
  13. [quote user="CT "][quote user="we8wba"][quote user="juicey blue"] my three would read 1. ipswich to win the play offs ( unlikely though ) 2. wolves dont get promoted 3. england to qualify for world cup [/quote] why do ipswich hate us? i know norwich with muscat etc... guessing ipswich do because we genuinly piss all over you every season and dont deny it because every year i can think of we have at least 3pts vs you 1. uefa cup games to played on a tuesday meaning champs league on a weds meaning in the bigger picture not half the pissing premier fixtures are played on a sunday every other week 2. wolves to be promoted 3. keep kevin foley [/quote] we8 you do know you dont go straight into the UEFA Cup if you get promoted? [/quote] sadly c.t we most likely do a derby
  14. [quote user="CT "] So does this make you better fans than those of us who started supporting City later on? [:P] I started supporting City in 2002 (play off final V Birmingham). I must be a terrible fan eh?[;)] [/quote] i wouldnt say your bad fan at all c.t, main point is you never witnessed a norwich side struggle when not expected, premier league you could second guess you be near bottom three etc... but in this league everyone thinks there side top half minimum. norwich have been through worse than they are now and im sure some older heads around here will refer to this due to this not being as bad as back then (if you get me)
  15. ncfc shaun and captain dejan both speak with their heads screwed on and only when they think necessary  
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