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Earnies done well !! ha

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  1. Agree, we should score, dont trust GR to stick to the obvious and play Lupoli and Sib, He''s bound to do something odd and play Croft behind Cureton or something equally uncalled for...jsut watch. Wes is due a goal !
  2. Had a look at bet3pm.co.uk  and some goods tips for this weeks games: Been researching Anytime Scorers and a few are worth a look .. Tim Cahill Everton 7/2 Gareth Barry Villa 9/2 Di Michelle Wet Sham 8/1 (ashton is injured) Downing MBoror 7/2 Harper Reading 9/2 Who do you fancy for our boys? Lupoli? Rusty?
  3. Because most have the IQ of an egg plant, live lives without an ounce of reality and are generally hiddious little oiks ! Simple as ! You wouldnt beleive the sh*t footballers do. Look at our own keeper.. Earns more in a week than most of us do in a month and still cant be arsed to buy a TV license. TW*Ts, the vast majority that is ! Sermon ends !
  4. What a total utter muppet. My estimate is he''s a late developing 16 yr old, oddly built, smothered in agressive acne, has no girlfirend nor the possibility of securing one in the near future. He clearly idolises Chris Haycox and aspires to be him, a kinda crush, sweet really ! Dont raise to his childish bait, He''s clearly a low intellect chav with an agression issue but like you say, good to see Gordon Browns open education policy working and this low life had access to a PC. Please re-read your silly little comments and take time to reflect what an utter failure of a boy you make yourself sound. Bloody children !!! Now run along ! Fooooooooooooooooool 
  5. I bet you we''re creaming yourself at the prospect of Cullum, a city type gin sipping golfer, comming along and piling in thousands into our club. Fickle pr*t !      
  6. I''m a partner in a Debt Recovery firm based up t North. I Generally spend all day resolving disputed/unpaid invoices between businesses. Lucky me !
  7. Found some interesting gossip listing for us on www.bet3pm.co.uk  It''s a shame (if true) that Ched wont be gracing us with his presence next season but he''s got a bright future ahead of him and Man City could help turn him into something special. Still, I won''t comment on teh Joe Lewis news !!!! That''s at least 1.5 - 2Million we''ve thrown away !!! Doh !
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