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  1. I just hope we get some permanents in rather than too many loans
  2. Yep, a good steady start for Brian, Barnsley was a great result, Southampton should have been a win and last nights game was a typical bottom of the table dog fight....................no defeats yet and thats important
  3. can''t say I''m doing somersaults but we''ll have to wait and see
  4. [quote user="Webbo118"]Just an observation. We have seven threads on the sale of David Bell, all basically saying the same thing. Is this necessary?[/quote]probably not......pm a mod to merge them
  5. I am pretty angered by the sale of a good contracted player of the club.....in my opinion Bell added a touch of quality to the squad and gave us important options if needed be. Now he has left it is imperative that we renew Crofts contract now........I just fear if a club offers 400k or thereabouts we''ll accept it rather than let him go for free in the summer.Slightly worry
  6. [quote user="still holding out for new heroes"][quote user="ncfcstar"][quote user="WeAreYellows49"] Norwich have always been a selling club though, so I don''t know why anyone is shocked by this move.  It''s called robbing peter to pay paul [:(] I ain''t happy Bell has gone but he''s gone now and didn''t want to stay with us. [/quote]If we''d have sold to someone better than Coventry, then yes I could understand it, well actually no I couldn''t he is one of our bloody best players.[/quote] No he isn''t, a few decent crosses but zero pace and couldn''t beat his man, would rather have a decent CB and striker for the money [/quote]couldn''t disagree more, Bell was a good player and added depth to our midfield......they just needed to play him in his preferred position
  7. yes but we need depth in our squad.....what the hell is the point with selling when we have a threadbare squad??? this is another bad move......so we bring in a midfielder on loan and ship out a quality contracted player.............dire
  8. unbelieveable!!! A contracted player probably let go for peanuts!! midfield was one area we had in depth and Bell was a quality player........so now we have even less service to our er........strikers...............cue another loan
  9. I don''t mind spelling mistakes but its the "text" talk spelling that angers me!! Its fair enough when saving you money on texts but don''t use it on forums.......it brings out the chav in you!
  10. Shift at McDonalds is over early today Chippy, I''m surprised your moped could move that quickly with your own weight in fake Argos bling and facial puss
  11. [quote user="Salahuddin"][quote user="CHIPPY"]i take it your around king street from time to time, maybe getting your dinner money off your mum? im just curious as to know how your so comfortable WITH THIS TERMINLOLOGY[/quote]     oh dear   TERMINOLOGY  is the word you were proudly trying to spell. [/quote]superb stuff!
  12. [quote user="Clipped Canary"]Add snakepit to that deletion as well! He''s another bin-licking tool! [/quote]bin-licking tool.....lmao
  13. Your spelling and punctuation leaves alot to be desired.........thats just typical of an scum fan coming from an uneducated dump of a town.......run a long now little chav
  14. he was good enough when he was banging them in under Grant
  15. I''d give him a chance...Roeder loved sapping the confidence out of players
  16. what a great result, well done lads........where does this leave Gunn now?[:|] Derby, Charlton, Southampton all lost.........superb stuff!
  17. if he was hungry he could have popped to Asda......their chicken wraps are to die for
  18. SSN have now said the board are in the process of deciding on a team to take charge on Saturday.....now is it me or apart from Gunn theres not really much at the club so maybe you''re right..interesting
  19. I was about to say would the board be so devious as to scout around before sacking Roeder but in their situation I think they probably would
  20. as long as it doesn''t go to the last game and we are left in the same position as the Fulham game I don''t care!
  21. I can see your point, but I just feel they will wait until the last minute to appoint a successor.......its a tough situation because on one hand they need to be sure of the appointment but also they need to give the new man a gap in the window to add to the squad.........
  22. Now that Glenn Roeder has finally left the Carrow Road hotseat there seems to be a lot of posters suggesting that a manager is "close". Do you not think that following two very unsuccessful managerial appointments the board will wait for the dust to settle and attempt to make a good choice this time? Following the flack Delia and Co have been receiving over the last year I doubt very much "Boothroyd will be unveiled soon" or "Holloway is being interviewed". I feel that the current board has run its course but probably in their mind THIS is their LAST chance to pull this club out of the mire........It really would not surprise me if the search does go on over the next two weeks, I hope they look long and hard at the situation and don''t just jump at the first available applicant. I really don''t know who I would like to take over the reins but this will be pivitol in our season.......I see no quick appointments being made so stop looking at the odds on Ladbrokes and starting rumours!!
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