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  1. [quote user="Canary_on_the Trent"]Luke Daley is far too raw at the moment, has lots of pace and will be a handul for League 1 defenders[/quote]


    he should try Lanacane then, it stops raw areas of skin rubbing

  2. Rum Ol Boy

    Post number 1

    haha nice
  3. Rum Ol Boy

    anyone gone to scotland?

    heading to Edinburgh next week........too late for any type of football.........do I need to take my England Rugby sticker out of my car and hide my brown wife?? slightly worried now!
  4. Rum Ol Boy

    Lee signing tomorrow

    either way it hasn''t happened!! I''m glad to be honest
  5. Rum Ol Boy

    having to rely on cureton :( !

    I have a feeling Cureton may be ok at this level, he has a lot to prove.....I can see him being a good squad player to come off the bench. Problem is, any player who can knock in 20+ goals is going to be linked to Championship clubs, we probably have to go for grass roots players like McDonald. In no way am I trying to dampen any thoughts of good proven strikers, its just until we have an income from Clingan and Russell we can''t compete for signitures!
  6. Rum Ol Boy

    Dont worry trialist not the "big news" of the day

    I''m sorry but its just the way he said there was a keeper on trial...."looks like Thio.....is it him?" well to be honest hes not exactly a well known keeper, I reckon he''s seen this elsewhere and has posted as his own........apart from that he''s sketchy at best, don''t hold your breath
  7. Rum Ol Boy

    No more football

    not a fan of cricket myself but the world would be crap if we all shared the same passions wouldn''t it? I intend to take a welcome break away from football.........I''ve had a gutfull of it this year.............
  8. Rum Ol Boy

    Odds for Next Season

    its impossible to give City odds, we haven''t even purchased any players yet!
  9. Cheers Cam, its handy having links in one place........I for one don''t have time to check every site related to NCFC. Funny how some City fans see an argument in every single post....sad really
  10. Rum Ol Boy

    The sob story starts.....

    theres no point in him coming out with exuses now, he knew the terms o the job, he knew what he was  facing.................deal with it Gunn or move over for someone who can succeed on a shoe string
  11. Rum Ol Boy

    So we can rule out Lee and Shackell then

    [quote user="ACE"]

    What this also worrying suggests is even the likes of Alan Lee, an EXTREMELY average footballer is out of our reach.

    I hope the people who believe we can get back up with a few kids and old dogs have more than blind faith backing them up.



    I was thinking the exact same thing. It all seems a little too worrying at the moment, we hardly own any of our own players and what players we do have won''t be leaving for a huge amount of money. So, if we cannot afford an average aging forward who can we afford?? we have to basically start from scratch and according to Gunn we need our own players.............we are in deep sh*t

  12. Rum Ol Boy

    Birmingham axe Jaidi and Krysiak

    yep, we have to set our sights much lower now
  13. Rum Ol Boy

    Gunn Had 19 Games...

    agreed, its nearly half a season and most of the players were scouted by him!! experience was needed
  14. I love the total tools on this forum that assume they are "real supporters" because they continue to take crap from our board! So because I strongly object to Gunns appointment (as Idid with Grant and Roeder) that does not make me a thick and thin supporter?? I''ve had season tickets though the 80s and I''ve finally decided to save my money......my personal line has been crossed and if I disagree with the appointment and the board its m bloody right.....so enough of the "true supporter" bollox 
  15. Rum Ol Boy

    Do keepers make good managers???

    Mike Walker was a good manager for us................apart from that I can''t name many.........Ray Clemence is a coach er.....now I''m struggling!
  16. Rum Ol Boy

    On the Grape Vine!

    it all seems so insignificant who we play this offseason, we could play Real Madrid for all I care. Do the board expect us to get excited by this? We get relegated into the never regions and they suddenly announce these fixtures.......
  17. first it was "give Grant a chance to get his own players in" then it was "give Roeder a chance and a full season" then we Gunn gets us relegated after half a season and into Godforsaken depths now let him get his own players in"...............how long is this going to carry on? I guarantee you we will be looking to replace Gunn by Xmas...........its just a vicious bloody circle!
  18. Rum Ol Boy


    its just a terrible appointment.....am I correct in assuming a lot of the players brought in were SCOUTED by Gunn?? he had nearly half a season with the players we had, players ike Mooney, Gow, these were his players..........I really think the position needed to be filled by someone with more experience
  19. Rum Ol Boy


    [quote user="Bury Green"][quote user="Rum ol boy"][quote user="Bury Green"]

    Well if you don’t mind the drive I bought my nephew in Moncton NB a home shirt the year we got promoted!



    thats where my father in laws from, I was there last year, my wife is a Halifax NS girl!


    Well there we go, my wife is a Moncton girl so some of us have done our bit to broaden the gene pool! 


    Halifax is a great city, I watched Liverpools most recent Champions League final in a  pub in Halifax which was pretty surreal.  You can as I am sure you know get a  pint of IPA on draft from the local brewery, so I had several and it really is more British than most British cities these days


    If it looked like we were going to get relegated at Portman Road a few weeks ago we were off on a  family break to visit the Outlaws just to escape, shame we didn’t go on reflection!




    Halifax is a great city, theres some amazing history there. I love the Celtic culture there, especially in the bars.....if you go back you have to visit the Split Crow and the Lower Deck!!

    New Brunswick is a beautiful province also, my father in law lives on a dairy farm out there just off the Great Hammond River

  20. Rum Ol Boy

    Marshall joining Cardiff

    Thank God for that! best news all week!
  21. Rum Ol Boy


    [quote user="Bury Green"]

    Well if you don’t mind the drive I bought my nephew in Moncton NB a home shirt the year we got promoted!



    thats where my father in laws from, I was there last year, my wife is a Halifax NS girl!

  22. Rum Ol Boy

    Next Years Team

    its a little early to be guessing at a team, I am guessing they''ll be quite a few comings and goings in the coming months
  23. Rum Ol Boy


    [quote user="CT "]

    The hotel was meant to be a money making venture (good intentions and all that) but from the financial troubles we''re in I cant see that its helped that much.

    A) The money is not going on the most important parts of the football club i.e. the FOOTBALL

    B) Its not making as much as the board had hoped.


    I think its a combination of the 2.



    I don''t think he meant the Stadium hotel CT, I think it was regarding putting loanees up at Dunston

  24. its exactly how we feel as fans but how much clout will it hold Kathy?
  25. wankers.........there goes their best gate of the season