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  1. to be fair I thought the players battled well under the circumstances. Theres absolutely no way Russell could have gotten out of the way of that shot and Docs backpass was careless but one of those things. Players are bound to make blunders especially on the kind of pitch they were playing on.....it really was diabolicle.......but that being said we battled hard and didn''t give up. Freak result......enough said
  2. I have to admit I''m not overly hung up on last nights result, there always seems to be a "freak" result involving bad decisions and bad luck.....and this was pretty much it! I know it wasn''t ideal but its not every game you give away two penalties away in the space of seven minutes and get a man sent off.....not to mention have a blatant handballed goal stand! The only thing I am concerned about is losing Forster for the run in, Rudd looked very flappy last night and didn''t fill me with confidence......hopefully we can thrash Stockport on Monday and normal service can be resumed!
  3. I still think Askou and Nelson might be a handy partnership........Nelson along with EVERYONE had a bad game against Colchester but he has been a pretty tough and determined competitor in the past......I''d give him a shot under someone who can actually give players direcion!!
  4. [quote user="Irish canary"]Hoolahan for me, then lappin![/quote]   yep, same for me
  5. I think the back four was atrocious last night, we were being pulled all over the place......Doc and Spillane looked like school boys defending and Semmy may as well of not been on the pitch at all. Lappin may have come out of the game in a better light due to his attacking play but he was still getting turned inside out in the first half.........but my question is, are the midfield doing enough to support both the rearguard and the forwards?
  6. [quote user="Longy"]Ade Akinbiyi [/quote]   Oh God yes!!! I can remember him coming on as a sub once and in his eagerness to impress the boo boys tripped over the ball.........he was treated toa rare "Hooray!" before a chorus of 25,000 laughs!
  7. this is pathetic, absolutely gutless........I feel for the fans that travelled. I think the midfield is shocking and the defence when exposed is clueless
  8. I like the guy, he says it how he sees it and he stood up to Roedent.......voice of our local football
  9. I hope not either. I think McNally has come in and is putting us back on track.....he saw that Gunn was not  manager and has acted accordingly. I hope we get behind the players and the new manager and see what they can do. I expect a small gathering of protesters made up of young chavs and middle aged nerds......probably around seventy of them 
  10. lol, I just worry about the tactics that wil be applied........hopefully we can get a good three points tonight!
  11. Gunn is a city legend, he always will be BUT he is not a manager! Speaking with a player I found out that at half time versus Colchester he came into the dressing room shouting, kicked over a bag containing drinks etc and accidently spilled the contents over a players clothes in the process.........he apologised and left........THAT WAS HIS TEAM TALK!! he didn''t arrange the players and was tactically poor Great guy, I have the upmost respect for him but he is not a manager yet.........hopefully he will be one day
  12. [quote user="Romantic"]Hardly Peter Grant. I think he sounds quite clear. I take it you''re basing this on the Radio Norfolk press conference? In which case the question should be - are we embarrassed that the local radio station can''t arrange a working mic? [/quote]   thats something I always pickup on..........I''m sure they set the mikes up at the back of the room!! all you can hear is reporters muttering, coughing, phones going off and shufling!!
  13. Sorry if this has been brought already but do you think Paul will be inroduced to the players before the game tonight? I''m sure the players will know he will be in the stands watching their performance but will he be able to give a quick pep talk of what he expects for the season? I am just a little concerned about the motivational skills of Butterworth and Crook
  14. I must admit my heart sank when I saw his name but you never really know do you? I think as a City fan you learn not to get too excited over anything!!! I wish him all the best......
  15. [quote user="Mustachio Furioso"][quote user="NCFC_Shaun"] Well - there has to be one [:P] No but seriously. I cannot be bothered to go to Brentford tommorow to see a team run by Ian Butterworth. Please appoint a manager today ready in time for the game tommorow. Anybody know of a press conference? Pete? CUSDP? Anybody? [:''(] [/quote] Why do you bother? I absolutely despise stupid bloody threads like this that waste everybody''s time. [/quote]   totally agree.....attention seeking
  16. [quote user="blahblahblah"][quote user="blahblahblah"][quote user="jimidack"]Just wondering, who would follow Mike Liggins on Twitter anyway? [/quote] 64 people do. [/quote] It''s jumped to 67 now ! [/quote]   not guilty m''lud.............is it me or has Mr Liggins got a huuuuuge head?!
  17. not after last seasons fiasco! I started the season last and finished it last...........come to thinkof it.......I propped the league up all season hehehe
  18. how do the lads seem Banana? happy, subdued, motivated?
  19. God I hope that doesn''t mean a quick inside appointment!
  20. sorry for the sceptical approach but we get all this every time we are in search of a new manager.......all this "inside info" nonense is wearing thin.....lets just wait and see rather than making stuff up shall we?
  21. you''re not the caller from canary call are you???? City need to break away from appointing unproven crap......we need a strong character who knows the game....not some explayer wannabe
  22. It just seems a little strange to me.......IMO Gunny should never have been given the job but........he was and he has brought together a good squad. I must admit after Saturday I wanted shot of him but the squad and manager showed balls with the tough trip to Yeovil on Tuesday night.......if the meeting took place on Saturday he should have been showed the door on Saturday.....why wait until a good result? the squad have their confidence back......either sack him on Saturday or give him ten games......it just seems a waste of time and resources to let him get a squad of his own players in and then sack him after two games??
  23. the board are appointing the wrong possible candidates and they suddenly realise when its too late........two games into a new campaign is a  new city record isn''t it??
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