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  1. I''m not so sure that it is only a problem in defense. Yesterday it seemed like we were continually victims to counter attacks. Yes this was due in part to a lack of pace in defense, but also our attacking play yesterday seemed to revolve too much around attacking in numbers. There seemed to be a lack of individual creativity and little movement off the ball. This together with an annoying trait of giving the ball away carelessly left us vulnerable at the back.We lacked someone who could chase and win balls put behind the Villa defense. There just wasn''t enough variation for me.
  2. I think it might help if fouls were given on occassions where the player does not go to ground. At the moment it seems that the player has to fall over to get the free kick/penalty. If the referees were more inclined to give a foul even if the attacking player stayed on their feet but gained no advantage, then perhaps the attacking player would be less inclined to dive, by staying on their feet they would, in effect, get two opportunities to score where a genuine foul has occurred.As it stands the attacker has little incentive to stay on their feet and try to score from open play. I can''t imagine many people would prefer to see goals scored from penalties rather than open play.
  3. The FA''s complaints procedure is detailed here (for what it''s worth!)http://www.thefa.com/TheFA/WhoWeAre/ContactUs/ComplaintsProcedure/Player/FARelatedComplaint.aspxAm I correct in thinking that we pay these jokers salaries?Why can''t they just admit a mistake has been made?
  4. A copy of the clubs accounts can be purchased from http://www.companieshouse.gov.uk/ for £1.It should contain all the information you are interested in.
  5. [quote user="Canary Nut"][quote user="blahblahblah"] [quote]But the £6.4m (to the 31st May 2008) spent on the land behind the Jarrold Stand would certainly have bought us a Division 1 player.[/quote]  What is the land for ?  That does sound like a lot of money.  [/quote] 1. It is alot of money and I have already explained on this bb. the make up of that figure. The figures can be traced back to NCFC''s Accounts. 2. What is the land for?   To drain money away from the playing side of  the business.   [/quote]I agree with some of things that have been said, but I don''t think it''s true to say that if this money wasn''t spenton land it would be available to invest in players. The land has been bought via loans (?). Whilst it is relatively easy to borrow money to buy land (at least until very recent times) because the loan can be secured against the land. It doesn''t mean that the same money could have been borrowed to buy players. Only time will tell whether the investing in the land will pay off.
  6. [quote user="we8wba"]i dont think its time for youth. putting them in a potential relegation battle could damage their progression and threaten norwich league position when you are safely clear in low mid table and several points ahead (like last year) then you lob in the youth   [/quote]I have to agree with this.
  7. [quote user="Saint Canary"][quote user="Count Chopula"]Are they a step ahead of us, I wonder?http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/football/teams/w/watford/7758687.stm[/quote]I have said this before but I really do not understand what Munby does.  Most of the things you expect a Chairman to do appear to be done by either Doncaster or the Smiths.  Only very occasionaly does Munby get wheeled out but can anyone remember the last time he made some sort of public statement regarding City.Where is he now?[/quote]He gave a radio interview last week.http://futureradiofm.podbean.com/2008/11/25/roger-munby-talks-with-phil-armes/
  8. [quote user="Mello Yello"]If I''m bored, I read my away tickets.......[/quote]They are better than home tickets - more variety!
  9. I don''t care who we are playing at the moment. I only care about getting more points!
  10. [quote user="Mello Yello"][quote user="Reg Presley"][quote user="WeAreYellows49"] The bigger question is why haven''t they had proper round the table discussions with PC, or in fact any other investor? [/quote]Well that''s not a very big question. Mr Cullum wanted to invest in the club through the purchase of new shares, money that would go directly to NCFC. Mr & Mrs Wynn-Jones require any new investor to purchase existing shares, money that would go straight into the pockets of existing shareholders and not the club. This is one reason why Marcus Evans would not have been interested in NCFC - he took over at the scum through the creation of new shares. It seems entirely likely that the reason there have been no discussions with any other investor is that there is no-one who wants NCFC on Mr & Mrs Wynn-Jones''s terms.[/quote] [Y][8-|] [/quote]Am I wrong in thinking that, if he took control in this manner he would have purchased more than a 30% stakein the plc. Therefore would be legally obliged to offer the same price the new shares were bought for to all existing shareholders to purchase their shares. Those shareholders can choose not to sell - but it sounds like Delia & Michael would have taken the opportunity to sell up. This would have cost Cullum more than he was prepared to pay.Someone who knows more than me about such things would need to comment.
  11. Came back at Cardiff - so it could have happened?
  12. I don''t think Lupoli has managed more than about 60 minutes in a match so far. I could be wrong(?)Perhaps he simply isn''t fit enough to manage a whole game and therefore is a risk to start a game with - 1 substitution Roeder knows he will be forced to make during the game.If this is the case, we would have been in big trouble against Forest had we started with Lupoli instead of Lita for example.The question of why he he might not be fully fit after 3 months with the club is a completely different debate.
  13. Quite interesting. Sounds like he''s fully behind Roeder.
  14. [quote user="Smudger"][quote user="2Cakes"][quote user="Smudger"] [quote user="IBA"]Sorry Smudge I forgot you''re a bit slow on the uptake. You need to boycott one game en mass. I doubt anyone noticed your empty seat and called a crisis meeting My season ticket hit Worthington on the back of the neck (cool shot from 30 yards...) all that did was lose me my season ticket and get a big cheer.[/quote] Not enough people going to do it though is there IBA? How many people have boycotted matches so far? There are at least about 10 posters I could name on here who claim to of boycotted (yourself included). Until pressure is put on those who are dragging this club down to such levels (and I am talking about our passionless supporters here, not just those in the boardroom) then nothing will change. By all means... leave the ground empty... but turn up and protest outside while the match is on. There is not one person at the club at this moment in time that deserves the fans support and as I have said for many years now until the fans stand up and are counted then nothing will change. You only need to take a look at Newcastle to see what passion is all about... they got what they asked for and my, my, my they seem to be turning things around already don''t they??? [/quote]In what way have they got what they asked for?Isn''t the owner they wanted rid of still there? Aren''t the backroom staff they wanted rid of still there?And the manager they want isn''t there! They haven''t got anything they asked for!The only difference is that they have started to get results and I fail to see how that is linked to the fans'' protests. Have I missed something?[/quote] You have missed the fact that it is unsafe for Mr Ashley to visit St James''s Park. Things seemed to of turned around from that day onwards really didn''t they??? You can bet your bottom dollar that he will be long gone while Delia is still dragging you mugs through the plop!!! [/quote]Unsafe for a man who put circa £250million into the club to turn up to a game - they really should be pleased with themselves!I don''t see how you can link this to their change in fortunes. The most likely reason for improvement is actually the change of manager - but that is what the fan''s were protesting against!
  15. Can''t see them being given a chance whilst the team is under so much pressure and so inconsistent.Probably wouldn''t be fair to introduce them with the atmosphere as it is at the moment.
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