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  1. Well done for getting some good info...shame about the abuse you got but hey what do you expect from the majority of the people on these forums!!
  2. Ha ha, ohh dear tragic just tragic!!
  3. ladbrokes!! got my money each so can finish top 3.
  4. Hucks is still about and seen him training at colney with Drury only yesterday. I hope his season ticket is near me be nice to have my halftime coffee chatting to him about the game!!!
  5. Bertrand on loan...no way!!! We should sign him up. I think we will get him. Although Drury has been told to get himself really fit for the start of training...he has taken note and you will be seeing a very good Drury next season.
  6. Andrew Cole or Kevin Phillips is the bouncer not Wes.
  7. Watching the games he was involved in i was slightly disappointed as he was built up to be some sort of superstar(not his fault). You could see by his movement and passing he has got quality but what he really fell short on was strength and confidence. He didn''t really show for the ball much and i thought he looked nervous. Bertrand also started like that but got better every game so Gibbs could do the same...i''d be pleased to see him given another season.
  8. Exactly!!!! it annoys me all the fans moaning we haven''t signed anyone!!! so what, there is plenty of time to announce the ones we have already signed. Can you really imagine we released all the players we have and not had replacements ready to come in??? Think back to Glenn arriving and shipping out Dave striker, Hartson etc....he replaced them fairly sharpish....how....because he already knew his targets and secured them...it is the same now. You will all see soon enough just chill out, enjoy France winning the euro, collect your winnings and get ready to watch the new signings play part of the spurs friendly!! ps. Glenn is telling the truth and we haven''t missed out on anyone...Earnie did stay in norwich recently but he was visiting and even got in some training at colney. he wasn''t a transfer target.
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