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  1. his posts are all utter rubbish which means that he is evidently an idiot! I think his stupidity could be down to the fact he is an inbred hes an inbred and therefore a scummer simple.
  2. looks like hes been on crack to me, and to be honest with a name like "i am a cat" , i wouldnt be surprised if you''ve been on teh pipe!!
  3. "but he didnt Jamie was under 500k, big dave and Julien cost more"   brellier was a free transfer :S and big dave was about 240k... idiot  
  4. I agree with what your saying mate, but seriously you need to get out more if all your life consists of is reading message boards
  5. To be perfectly honest, how many other championship clubs have signed players yet? Nobody actually knows when the transferwindow opens, could be 1st of june or 1st July! Saying we''re slow out of the blocks to sign players is ridiculous! Most footballers are still on holiday and therefore don''t want to really know about transfers (eg Stephen hunt of reading doesnt want to discuss it until after his wedding) Just because we haven''t signed anyone yet doesnt mean we are destined for disaster, although the board  may not fully back Roeder i still think he will bring a touch of quality to this squad we can start to talk about the trouble NCFC is in come transfer deadline day and we havent signed anyone sorry to moan but its annoying me:)  x    
  6. Anyone can make up a rumour and post it on here, don''t get your hopes up people x
  7. I would rather a very good striker for 1.5 million hopefully roeders links with sibierski will bring him here as he would be excellent at this level
  8. Well he didnt play rubbish all season did he? Sibierski will add some much needed quality, hes only just older than darren huckerby yet everyone seems to think hes good enough for our team (which he is) and so will sibierski cliff x
  9. Yeah to be honest...hes gone theres nothing you can do
  10. Sibierski would be excellent in our league he''s a hell of a lot younger than dion, and dion was our player of the season. Somebody needs to step into the boots of dion and yes ideally i would rather someone other than sibierski but he is a proven goalscorer and would be superb at championship level cliff x
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