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  1. When I was at Wembley last season, I stopped off at the Capital Canaries pub in Angel after arriving at Liverpool St. Its 1 tube stop away from Euston & the overground direct to Wembley. I''m in London tomorrow & will be going there again for sure.
  2. The 4-4-2 brigade won''t agree but we don''t have a genuine No.10 in the squad other than Hoolahan. In order to get the best out of the players we have & compete in midfield I''d pick Tettey, Fer & Howson, 2 wingers & a striker. Tettey sitting allows Fer & Howson to play their natural games, bombing forward to support the striker without being stifled by the defensive duties they currently have.
  3. Ince is a good player & ahead of Redmond at the moment but I believe Redmond has the more potential & is by far the better value signing. At the same stage of his career 2 years ago, Ince had played 6 times in League 1 on loan at Notts County. Redmond 62 games at Championship level, he kicked on towards the end of last season & played for the England U21s. How can it be anything but a very good signing?
  4. Sad to see a good young prospect move on but Ruddy will be Number 1 here for the foreseeable whilst Declan Rudd is also highly rated (Eng U21s) & currently ahead of Steer in the pecking order. Bunn is a good Number 2 with Rudd out on loan learning his trade & fairly young as well. I wish a local lad well but really hope Rudd can push on prove himself as the better prospect.
  5. I''d rather have Bassong for the reported £3.5m we got him. I''m happy with the club paying value for money & building a side.
  6. Can''t see Rudd & Steer both staying at the club for much longer if either has any ambitions to play regularly.
  7. Robben does make up for his lack of right foot with electric pace. Snodgrass began using his right foot a little more in the closing matches this season. We''ve seen with Pilkington how useful it is being able to put a ball in with either foot, an absolute nightmare for opposing full backs who like to show wingers 1 way or the other. It doesn''t have to be whipped in with the weaker foot but just showing an opposition full back that you can put the ball in with the weaker foot creates so much more space in which to use your stronger foot.
  8. At least half of the league have the potential to be in the relegation scrap, even so called ''bigger'' sides like Sunderland, Newcastle & Villa with 40k+ crowds & big wage bills have been in amongst it this season. We can kick on next season & hopefully finish in the top half but if we begin believing we can''t or won''t get dragged into the scrap for survival we will do so. As we saw this season when you lose a few games it can be a struggle to turn it back round.
  9. 8/10 Just staying up is a great achievment, whatever people say budget generally correlates with league finish & we''ve got 1 of the smaller budgets. Lambert did an incredible job last season but I thought the momentum had slowed up by the end of last season & a lot of players haven''t been able to perform above themselves again this season. Hughton has spent really well, although at times he has been too negative. However he''s got the job done in terms of results over the season & for me the squad is stronger now with big arrivals likely in the summer with the debt cleared.
  10. Kamara is a different type of player to Becchio but I am surprised he hasn''t featured a bit more, from the bench at least to replace Holt in games. He''s not the quickest but has a good touch, wins headers & can finish
  11. He''s too old, matter of months. I believe Gafaiti plays centre back for the U21s & Toffolo the centre back for the U18s at left back his natural position. Due to the U21 side, most of this U18 side will be kept on & given a chance.
  12. As we signed him in the summer I assumed like fellow signings Durojaiye, Sheriff & McNeil he was too old for the U18s but he only turned 18 in September so that can''t be the case. He''s obviously a very good prospect as shown by his performances for the U21s so seems strange to not play him in the U18s if eligible. Is there a ruling on players being on the books for so long before participating in the Youth Cup? Quite hard keeping up with the development side(u21) now established. Seems more players will get an opportunity rather than being released at 17/18.
  13. I was a little disappointed because of the hype & they''re not ready for 1st team football because of the ''decision making'' but it was clear to see that they''re incredibly talented & will make it at a good level (possibly here in the Prem), Their pace & ability to go past players with such ease is something that can''t be added, they just need to be refined & learn when to use team mates. Given they''re only just 18, people should understand & realise they will develop.
  14. The Murphy twins will make it at some level. Last night they clearly looked a level above ability-wise but it very much looked like the star player at school situation where they tried doing it alone. They need to learn how to play in tough situations & when to pass, move etc. a loan next season would be ideal as the talent & work ethic is definitely there.
  15. Classic thread. Are those clips from the game you got to within a few points of us & celebrated as if you''d won promotion? Talk about premature celebrations.
  16. I too left the ground feeling frustrated. We started the game too deep & went behind, we then pushed up & dominated the game. For 20mins in the 2nd half there was only 1 winner but we then sat back in the final 15mins & took the point. Game was crying out for the introduction of Bennett but no idea why the substitution never materialised. If we''re not going to try to win games against struggling sides when we''re on top when will we?
  17. Away from home we sit too deep & don''t have the pace to break or get the ball up the field. At Everton & Southampton going behind forced us up the pitch & we dictated both games. Last night was crying out for Elliott Bennett, Snodgrass'' delivery is generally superb but he was dreadful & we were too deep for him to have much impact, Bennett would have been more useful playing on the break.
  18. I think we need more dynamism in the final third but Keane would add additional quality. He came in & did well for Villa last season, with our debt having to be paid off in the summer, we don''t have a great deal of surplus cash for transfers. If we got a player of quality in on a short-term deal & they helped secure our PL status & future revenue then its a no brainer.
  19. Think we may have some difficulty competing with clubs in the Champions League for his signature.
  20. Why we needed Bunn & why Rudd/Steer need games out on loan. 2 superb young keepers but they need to learn their trade before being relied upon in the Premier League.
  21. If I was driving an expensive car like a footballer would, I''d also feel the need for protection. Most people sleep with weapons for protection close-by don''t they?
  22. Played a big part in the back-to-back promotions & always gave his all but the 18 months he spent out of the picture wasn''t down to him wanting to fight for his place but more to do with the fact he couldn''t get the same inflated wages he had here, elsewhere. I don''t really hold that against him as such but don''t think he deserves the plaudits he gets for ''not giving up'' on his NCFC career.
  23. Although that is very intriguing I wouldn''t read too much into it. There are a few flaws, particularly replacing teams with promoted sides, as well as the fact teams have improved/declined on last season. The way we''re playing this season compared to last season means we''ve got a better chance against the stronger sides as we''re not as naive & gung ho as we were under Lambert. However we don''t seem able to out score the sides around us & have therefore drawn a lot of close games we probably won last season. I''m a big advocate of 1 game at a time, we''re capable of beating anybody, particuarly at home but if we''re off our game we''ll get beaten.
  24. With the debt to be paid off by the summer we don''t have that kind of money spare unless the board are seriously confident about survival. We definitely need a little more fire power, I''ve heard about a short-term loan deal for Robbie Keane. Many will scoff & I''d love some more pace/dynamism but he did a great job for Villa last year & has real ''quality'' in final third. With survival so important this season, a short-term deal is a winner for me. When we stay up this season, we''ll have some serious funds with the debt gone to strengthen the squad & expand Carrow Road.
  25. Hoolahan looked neat & tidy, possibly played a bit safe but was noticeble was the lack of interest of his team mates to get the ball down & link up. McLean seemed to be playing for himself, pointlessly taking players on & shooting from ridiculous positions
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