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  1. [quote user="Son Ova Gunn"] What about all those people who didn''t get to see the live press conference but did see grants twitter, was it obvious to them too?. If anything this post has helped the situation by informing those who dont recognise the back of a reporters head of the real target of the comment.     [/quote]   Exactly.
  2. [quote user="Greg Downs Hairpiece"]Is this the dumbest thread ever?The Sky cameras had been hovering back and forth for nearly a hour.Each time local journos Michael Bailey & Cuffers(bald ) were seen .Obviously Holt knows both these guys and enjoys banter with them.I understand people are hurting with G H transfer request but stop turning any innocuous comment into some tabloid untruth.OTBC[/quote]   With respect, please read the thread properly. You''ll see nobody was trying to ''turn any innocuous comment into some tabloid untruth''.
  3. Um... just to clarify, my opening question was all it said it was. I don''t use twitter, I have only recently started to look at accounts owned by people connected to the club (Holt, McNally, Huckerby etc) in the last couple of weeks, purely because their twitter stuff gets mentioned a lot on here and in the media, so I thought it was worth a look. I am no expert in it and actually find it a bit confusing - half the time I can''t work out if the comments on there are from the twitter account holder, or someone replying to them. Anyway, having looked on there earlier, I saw Holt''s comment and wasn''t completely sure if I was reading it right - it appeared to me that his comment was aimed at McNally. Hence why I asked for clarification on here, as this is usually the place to come to for clarification on such matters. I looked up and down the board, it didn''t appear to be mentioned anywhere, so I asked the question myself. The reason I asked was simply because I wanted to make sure I was reading it right and whether or not it was aimed at McNally. If it had have been aimed at McNally, I would have been disappointed. Partly because I DO think that it would be unprofessional/childish for Grant Holt to be making a comment like that on a public forum (that''s my opinion - just the same as I''m sure my employers would find it unprofessional if I made a derogatory comment about one of my colleagues/superiors on, for example, my Facebook status). However, the main reason I would have been disappointed is because it implied to me that his relationship with McNally was clearly so broken that he didn''t really care about making a comment like that on a public forum. I would have found this disappointing because it might mean that there was no chance of them coming to an agreement somehow, to ensure that Grant Holt does not leave the football club. I will be absolutely gutted if he does leave, as I think he will crucial for us next season. As I found out not long after asking the question, the comment was not aimed at McNally. I therefore accepted I had indeed jumped to conclusions and was relieved. However, clearly my question has caused a debate. It really wasn''t intended to. If for some reason I have annoyed certain people by asking the question, then I apologise.
  4. [quote user="iluveadie"] Has anyone noticed Holt''s latest Twitter update? He posted it around the time of the press conference, seems to be taking the mickey out of Mcnally''s shiny forehead. or am I jumping to conclusions?! Seems rather childish of him to be honest. [/quote] Okay, fair enough, I stand corrected!
  5. Has anyone noticed Holt''s latest Twitter update? He posted it around the time of the press conference, seems to be taking the mickey out of Mcnally''s shiny forehead. or am I jumping to conclusions?! Seems rather childish of him to be honest.
  6. [quote user="iluveadie"]Disgusting post. Please get this idiot banned.[/quote] Just in case that wasn''t clear, I''m referring to ''Elliot Ward takes a MEAN peno''
  7. [quote user="jbghost"][quote user="Mr.Carrow"] So most pro-boarders stated as a fact that the Turners left due to the credit crunch, they come out and deny this and basically state there was a falling-out and it`s branded a "non-story"?!  Just yet more evidence that we have owners who are control freaks and it`s "their way or no-way".  Well we`ve all seen the end result of their way. Interesting that the Turners should come out with this statement just at a time when anti-board sentiment has reached an all-time high IMO. [/quote] I think most people find it interesting they should come out with this statement on the day it is publically declared thier business is going tits up. [/quote] I don''t think the two are separate - they were giving a press conference about having to make a large number of staff redundant and obviously the EDP felt it was appropriate to ask about a completely unrelated matter and then spin the article so it sounded like it was almost solely an NCFC ''exclusive''. Never mind the fact that yet more Norwich people are losing their jobs. Nice one.
  8. I am in the same position as you - although it''s not Neil Doncaster, but just as well placed. I have therefore also heard the odd thing that I know to be 100% true but wouldn''t dream of risking my reputation or their reputation by blabbing it about on here! It just goes to show that the vast majority of stuff on here is total rubbish. Quite funny, really.
  9. [quote user="stozza"]I have to hold my hands up and say that I got it wrong. I was gutted with his appointment and expected him to take us down but the job he and Lee Clark have done is exceptional. They saved us from the mess Peter Grant left and are slowly turning us into a team to be proud of again. I just wish they had more money to spend and did not have to rely on the loan market. I have a sneaky feeling we will finish above the binners![/quote] Me too. I was very, very disappointed and was hoping for Paul Jewell (although, to be fair I wouldn''t call myself a GR Slagger, as I didn''t spout off on here about awful I thought his appointment was). How wrong was I?! I''d much rather have GR than PJ, I know there''s a long way to go, but I''m feeling pretty positive. I don''t think we''ll finish any higher than possibly the play-offs, but to be honest being anywhere even close to play-offs will be a major achievement when you consider the mess otherwise known as the Peter Grant Era.
  10. Just thinking aloud really. If anyone actually had a good source, would they really post ''rumours'' on here? If they had a really good source and some CORRECT info would they really reveal it and risk betraying someone''s confidence? It''s just that most of the rumours on here usually prove to be a load of rubbish and this seems to cement this - their ''source'' is clearly rubbish or made up. There are probably some genuine people on here who have very reliable sources and could probably reveal lots on here of great interest, but they don''t, as they don''t wish to betray the trust of the ''source''/friend. So basically, pretty much any rumour I read on here I dismiss immediately.
  11. [quote user="still holding out for new heroes"]er no decent ''life long fans'' do not pull the rug away...business sharks are what they were and business sharks they remain[/quote] How do you know they are ''business sharks''? Do you know them?
  12. [quote user="Vern"] [quote user="city-till-i-die"][quote user="Dictator Smith"]Radio Norfolk . [/quote]any names????? probably not[/quote] We were in talks with Christopher Foster I heard [/quote] Not funny.
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