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    Henri lansbury

    [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]

    Right, rumour over.

    Just been on the phone to Arsenal and Henri Lansbury was training with the Arsenal team this morning in London.

    And here is the photo to prove it - http://www.gettyimages.co.uk/detail/121891929/Getty-Images-Sport



    LOL! That pissed on the OP''s chips, in no uncertain terms!

  2. The Beard

    Canaries with blinkers !!!

    [quote user="lester"]If anyone who didnt see sundays game listened to the phone in''s and read the local press, they would of thought Norwich dominated sundays match, but the facts are different - Wigan had 61% of the possession - (Mail on Sunday, Sunday Mirror, Sunday Telegraph) and is Lambert ready for the premiership ? I dont think so - Can you imagine the likes of Ferguson,Wenger,Dalglish and co playing two up front straight after the team has had a player sent off ? It was a mistake you wouldnt even see in the lower leagues let alone the premiership. And NCFC were lucky to come away with a point The sending off was the correct decision, he was the last man and wether inside or outside the box, he had to go - the penalty had no effect on the game whatsoever. Against Chelsea next week you lot will discover the reality of premiership football, and in my mind the 38 footballwriters who listed there relegated sides were right - Norwich are doomed , unless they get a premiership class manager with the nouse - and players with premiership class,experience and physical presence - Norwich are a lovely old club, years ago when i too played we used to love coming to the city, but in all honesty i do believe, especially after sundays effort that you are better suited to the championship - as saturday will tell[/quote]


    You''re a troll. I win.

  3. The Beard

    Lambert's 10 man tactics

    I actually think Paul Lambert''s 10 men tactics are quite refreshing. It seems that every time we go down to ten men, he leaves two strikers on - yesterday wasn''t the first time. As soon as we take one of our strikers off, the opposition will counter this by taking off one of their defenders and replacing them with another striker, therefore putting our defence under more pressure. You''ll always be outnumbered 10 against 11, but I''d rather that against two strikers than against three.

  4. I didn''t see this start, but saw it finish. My thoughts were whether the Norwich lads had even been at the game. I thought it odd that they ran off in the direction of the ground - which suggested to me that that was where they were headed in the first place. I don''t condone violence, but the impression I got was it was a couple of gobby lads who happened to be walking past and thought it would be fun to shout at some away fans thinking they would be safe in a crowd. The mates of the lad that took the hiding seem to still have plenty to say for themselves as they were running away and hiding behind other people. I''ve been going to football for near on 20 years and in that time pretty much the only real trouble I''ve ever seen has been when both sides have been looking for it (with perhaps the Leeds game in League 1 being the only notable exception!).
  5. The Beard

    Under 21 game tomorrow!

    [quote user="gary "]the majority won;t even be regular premier league players let alone internationals[/quote]

    Seems like a pretty poorly informed comment.  From the OP''s lists, without looking into it in any detail:

    Micah Richards - a regular for Man City, for a few seasons, and has been capped by the full international team
    Michael Mancienne - has spent a couple of seasons on loan at Wolves playing regularly in the Premier League.
    Kieran Gibbs - has played plenty for Arsenal and has been called up to the full internationals, if I''m not mistaken
    Chris Smalling - played regularly for Fulham last year and has made a few appearances for Man Utd already this year.
    Marc Albrighton - has played fairly regularly for Villa this season
    Jack Wilshere - played regularly for Arsenal and capped as a full international
    Muambaaaaaa - played regularly for Bolton and Birmingham City over the last three seasons
    Danny Welbeck - has made appearances for Sunderland and Man Utd in the Premier League
    Daniel Sturridge - has made appearances for Chelsea and Man City in the Premier League


    From the current full England squad, Joe Hart, Tom Huddlestone, Adam Johnson, Jack Wilshire and Ashley Young have all been in U21 squads within the last few years.

    So yeah, no point watching the Under-21''s, as nobody that plays for them is ever any good.

  6. The Beard

    Under 21 game tomorrow!

    [quote user="gary "]don;t get out much then !!!! will not be great and those names don;t fill me with any enthusiasm at all , a good night out for kids , but adults not so much[/quote]

    Depends whether you actually have any interest in football, which I''m assuming you don''t?!

  7. [quote user="Mello Yello"]

    Has Simeon rolled up in the club car park yet - in a gas gorging Hummer (with decorative spinning hub-caps)?

    Then....and only then, will Simeon Jackson, be the new Earnie...



    Funnily enough, he does drive a big, black Mercedes 4x4 (not a milk float), as he dropped it off at STS on Carrow Road when I was in there getting my tyres changed, a few ago.

  8. Jon Newsome and Spencer Prior.