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  1. Please say there will be a pitch invasion IF we are crowned champions against Gillingham?
  2. I ain''t begging you all to believe me but don''t start writing it definitely a load of shit because to be honest we not going to find out what really happened, and this story seemed pretty genuine and obvious too.
  3. Well i just assumed to that, but like Mike Ashley, he bought the club, he selling for cheap, Now many newcastle fans even more angry, the bloke obviously been told it and just related what he heard to my Dad
  4. He''s a rich businessman, he obviously thought about himself somewhere along the line to get where he is now. Can''t put all your trust into him.
  5. The club wouldnt have no money, we be out of debt with only £20 Million. The club wouldn''t be better in the long term!
  6. Went to Norwich yesterday with my Dad and went into the Norwich store in the Castle Mall to see the score, 2-0 ;P My Dad started speaking to some bloke who was with his son too and he said that his friend had City connections and there was a claim that... Delia as we know wanted somebody to come and take the Debt off the club, but to also carry on being in charge on the club,, well Peter Cullum apparently was going to buy the Club, and the surrounding land, keep Delia at the club as Mrs Norwich, and sell the club for peanuts and keep the land for himself to make some sort if profit on. And then Delia who is still at the club takes the blame and has the Egg on her face! I hate Delia as much as much as anybody else associated with Norwich, but much of that does make sense with Delia strongly against it, and PC wanting to keep Delia on as the symbol of Norwich.
  7. thumb180... Top Bloke. Oh no, everyone from school age to 70 year old''s are after me.. If they are the same people I see in the Norwich and Peterborough end then I pretty sure I could sit down and handle myself. But if its the bad boys from the Barclay End I better hide...
  8. Whaheyyy, The Pink''un Website, what else will you need in the world, for all the latest news on whether some old loser will be renewing his season ticket, or whether Kev has made another genius thought of chant about how we don''t care that Bryan Gunn has got no hair!,, some real exciting, spine tingling stories! haha. Get a hobby!
  9. because you haven''t tried to copy that saying from another post.
  10. Yeah, I''ll always be popping on here, you won''t be able to stop me! haha
  11. I think it funny how you load of nerds tryin be funny, that guys 27, what the hell you doin on this forum... life needed? I come on here sometimes, the loser stuff you lot come out with, with people saying ''I miss huckerby'' and people crying over stupid stuff.
  12. To be fair mate, i couldn''t give a shit if he signed, either way i''m sleeping tonight.
  13. Some accountants in Downham Market (our area), this honestly just what he said, not claiming i have a source, just don''t really know why he lie to be honest.
  14. [quote user="Larry David"]Who were the Accountants? It''s plausible but your story is a bit far fetched.. [/quote] Somewhere in Downham Market, this honestly just what he said, not claiming i have a source, just don''t really know why he lie to be honest
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