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  1. I''ve watched him a number of times. He is quality. Did well for West Ham in the Premier League. Would be very happy if we signed him.
  2. There''s a lot of good managerial talent in the lower leagues. Roster, Howe, Dyche and Pressley all seem to have the potential to become good Premieship managers. Rosler would be my pick out of them 4 though.
  3. [quote user="Nicko"]So we can watch him balloon crosses into row z?[/quote] He''s 19! What about his corner for the disallowed goal and his trickery and cross at the death against Man City?   We need to keep supporting him (and the rest of the team). He is a breath of fresh air in our team and even though I rate Snoddy highly, I hope that Hughton persists with Redmond. He gives us an outlet on the wings and unpredictability (in a good way). 
  4. [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]Are people really planning on staying up all night to watch Norwich play a team from the Mexico Second division in a friendly, which will be played in temps over 30 degrees so will quickly turn into a very, very slow paced game?[/quote] I''m planning to get 3-4 hours sleep before and then wake up to watch it.
  5. IF this is true, surely no one would think it would be best to keep Holt and not take the £4 million? The move makes sense all round and even pays for the majority of the Toivenen fee if the £4.7 million fee being reported is true. It just depends on if Holt would take the step down to the Championship again. And if it''s true of course.
  6. If I was Hughton I would be looking to get rid of most, if not all our strikers. Sell Jackson, Martin, Becchio. Let Kamara go back on loan. Maybe keep Holt. I''d be disappointed to see him go as he is a club legend but this season he has let the club down and he hasn''t shown many glimpses of his old self.
  7. I feel sorry for Leon in all honesty. I thought he had a very good partnership with Bassong at the start of the season and I''d make him our 3rd best centre back at the club in front of R Bennett. I do hope, though, that we bring in another centre back just to give Bassong and Turner some real competition for places.
  8. They also play West Ham in between Stoke and Villa. But it''s great that they lost tonight. Hopefully United will give Stoke a thumping.
  9. I know it''s massively unlikely to happen, but could you imagine a strike partnership of Van Wolfwinkel and Weimann?
  10. IF we get relegated and we''ve already agreed a deal then it''s not terrible. He''s 24 years old and a proven goalscorer, he''ll keep most of his value. This is the reason why I was surprised that we didn''t take advantage of one or two players such as N''Zonzi in the summer who are young and will keep a fairly high value.
  11. "The cooperation between Sporting Portugal and Ricky van Wolfswinkel takes only two seasons, as A Bola claims Thursday. According to the newspaper, the Portuguese club from Lisbon agreement with Norwich City on a summer one million transition from the 24-year-old Dutchman, who in the summer of 2011 from FC Utrecht happened. Van Wolfswinkel was with Norwich City in January already been linked, but the financially ailing Sporting chose other players out the door to do. After this season, the top scorer still the move to the Premier League and that''s good news for os Leões. Although not yet known how much the alleged transfer is involved, it is reportedly largely a fixed amount. Van Wolfswinkel came to 5.4 million euros from FC Utrecht and signed a contract until 2016. The undertaking was a transfer clause of 22 million euros. Several clubs, including Dynamo Kiev, went no further than just over half. According to A Bola Sporting has no more than 35 percent of the transfer rights of the Dutchman in his possession." A Bola now reporting it.
  12. Not saying its true but lots of Portuguese newspapers running the story.
  13. http://m.ojogo.pt/m/article?contentID=3120724 Portuguese media is all over this story. €12 million. I''d love it if it is true and plaudits would have to go to the board and Hughton for making it happen.
  14. 1 Bassong - Wthout his influence in defence we''d be on the brink of the relegation zone or even worse in my opinion and he has scored some crucial goals. Best defender we have ever had and been consistently excellent in ever game. 2 Snodgrass - He''s been vital in terms of an attacking threat and defensively he does a great job. He''s only below Bassong for me because in my opinion he was very inconsistent. Over the last 2/3 months he''s grown into his role and if he has another 2 and a bit months of this form then it''ll be neck and neck between him and Bassong, 3 Turner - Deserves it for proving all the doubters wrong after being made the scapegoat for the first 7 games. Grown into a rock at the back alongside the beast which is Bassong. Could go to either Wes/Johnson though.
  15. Any win after a long run of not winning is always the biggest wins of the season. Arsenal and Everton have definitely been the biggest wins of the season.
  16. He had a very good game considering he hasn''t started a game for a few months (I think). Hughton talked about resting Tettey for a few games, so he has a real incentive right there to win back his place. On his day Howson is our best central midfielder and most complete.
  17. Nothing wrong with Ruddy of course, but if wasn''t for Cesar they would be even further away from the relegation zone. Top, top goalkeeper who I''d love us to have but he''d be on massive wages obviously and we wouldn''t need to strengthen that position in the summer unless someone leaves. We wouldn''t be in the position to sign any of their cast offs, I doubt.
  18. No I don''t expect massive wholesale changes in summer to the extent that we''ll have 9 new first team players, but I think we can improve in all them areas over a period of time. Bassong and Ruddy will be solid first teamers for 2/3 years you''d think. I think the striker issue really needs to be looked at in the summer. I wouldn''t be surprised if Vaughan, Jackson and Martin leave on permanent deals, which would leave Holt and Becchio and if we sign him permanently, Kamara. I''d use the former two as back up and bring in at least two new strikers. It would then be a new left back for me. I like Garrido as an attacking full back option but he''s defensively frail and we could definitely improve on him. I could probably see Tierney leaving, too. A pacey winger and a central midfielder would then be my two next areas.
  19. Who are the first team players that are guarenteed to be starting next season? In my opinion only Ruddy and Bassong have their places rubber stamped in the first team. I think in all other 9 first team positions we can improve and keep strengthening. That might be slightly harsh on Snodgrass, though.
  20. Even though its a big price, I don''t see too much risk to signing the guy. If we were to go down, we could recoup most of the money we bought him for and if we don''t go down then we have a genuinely quality striker who can take us onto the next level.
  21. Rumours doing the rounds in the Black Country that we have bid £7 million for the attacking midfielder. They rate him very highly but that amount of money seems too much.
  22. Vossen is a top striker. Very lethal, works hard and can play up front by himself. He''s my top choice if we were to sign anyone. I''ve asked a Dutch guy I know about Mulenga. He said he is a great target man but doesn''t score loads of goals.
  23. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2255440/Norwich-bid-3million-Crystal-Palace-striker-Glenn-Murray.html The latest strikers to be linked. This is going to be a long January window! Surely we would get Murray cheaper if his contract runs out in the summer.
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