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  1. [quote user="Thirst Wizard"]Berk not Burk as Berkeley Hunt.  If your going to imitate or insult people, at least get it correct. [/quote] Ok you are a cock. C O C K= cock!
  2. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]Its me!!!!!!!!![/quote] You and blah are the only ones thick enough to pick themselves twattle.
  3. [quote user="blahblahblah"]Anyone else on here wish we''d sign a player so nothing threads like this would disappear ?[/quote] Wish you would disapear.  
  4. Hoolahan is way better than Hucks Hucks had 1 good season and lived off it. The only consistant time he had here was the yera we went up. Bring in wes and prove all you morons going on about huckerby wrong.
  5. Who cares Delia and co have bigger fish to fry.
  6. [quote user="Salahuddin"] Ist Wizard is right, there is nothing concrete yet and once again I urge people to not get too excited yet, we have all been here before!   [/quote] No hes not, hes signing for us. Watch delia back the boys. Ooo aah Delia say we love Delia
  7. [quote user="nutty nigel"][quote user="Delias Devonshire Dirtbox"] Funeral''s happen everyday and do you think Arrdee ment anything serious with that comment?   imho for you to use your own Fathers death to try and score points of another poster is a sick act and you should be ashamed of yourself, You sent him a private message to let him know how you felt, so why post it on here for everyone to read unless it was to score points? Thats just my opinion. [/quote] What concerns me Devon is this burial in the Holy Lands. I think I remember reading a while ago about a guy who was buried there and then came back to life! A good old cremation at St Faiths seems a lot safer to me [;)] I am beginning to think we should rename dear old Wiz as ''lucky''. He also became very sensitive about Matty Patty and his aunt as I remember. She was used to score points too [:|] All these things are first brought into the forum by the wizard himself who would do well to remember the old saying that if you can''t stand the heat stay out of the kitchen. There is no real nastiness in this forum and cry babies would do well to remember another old saying "do as you would be done by"   [/quote] What the F are you running on about? 
  8. [quote user="Arthur Whittle"]This is the 1st ive heard of it. I know we were urged to buy shares and Delia paraded him as if she was behind the deal yet more spin to add to the bin.[/quote] Shut up you old buffoon. Delia was behind the move so deserves full credit.
  9. [quote user="AndyJR"][quote user="Arthur Whittle"]At the game, Ive seen us beat man utd many times home and away though.[/quote] If only we could commit your memory to video tape Arthur and put it on You tube as well! :) [/quote] Arthur needs to be committed. LOL
  10. [quote user="blahblahblah"][quote] I attended the greatest ever event and it was one of my best days ever at carrow Road.[/quote] My best day ever at Carrow Road was the Milk Cup semi-final against Ipswich. I wonder how people might feel they compare ? [/quote] Dont take the piss pal, I said ONE OF! My top 3 games are Ipswich semi,wolves play off and Bayern Munich.
  11. [quote user="WeAreYellows49"]Can I ask, and this is a genuine question, where people have the idea that Norwich City are going into administration, or are financially in trouble? [/quote] Idiots like Arthur Whittle.
  12. [quote user="lucky green trainers"][quote user="Steve Burns"] [quote user="andy larkin"]Having watched a totally ineffective Jermaine Beckford in t''ut Play Off Final, can anyone explain to me why some people on here think he would be a good signing… no close control, poor touch and a bit headless. Can''t see what all the fuss is about myself…[/quote] Should fit in nicely then. [/quote] 6ft 2in goal machine with no first touch and close control - sounds perfect for rough and tumble of champs.  becksy sounds similar to miller of w.brom this season and lita of reading  previous season, who both  helped their teams become champions.  so bring it on... i say the boy sounds taylor made for this league - get him here double quick - all we need is a good winger to supply him with the ammo (hucks??? doh!!!) and top spot is ours><?  defo worth a punt imo!!! [/quote] Why are you shouting?
  13. I attended the greatest ever event and it was one of my best days ever at carrow Road.
  14. [quote user="norfolkchance1"] I''m probably going to get some stick for saying this. I think some people are writing things on the boards that would never have been able to be posted previously due to moderation. No-one minds using asteriks e.t.c. on the odd occasion  but some people are writing the full word and just adding an * in the middle and posting. I haven''t got a problem with most of it but there is an increasing amount of unecessary swearing being used and I know I am not the only person whose noticed this. Everyone likes free speech and want''s to air their views like they would in the street but when they said they were removing moderation there were certain rules we had to abide by. [/quote] F##k!
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