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  1. Yes change of personnel can be arranged on renewal of next season. Ticket still available
  2. There is a buy back scheme but doesn''t give as much money back in return
  3. No, shall not be renewing so season ticket can be kept
  4. To be fair I have stated ONO (or nearest offer)
  5. Lower Barclay block E With games including: Man City Spurs Liverpool Arsenal Sunderland West Brom Stoke I am selling my ticket as no longer able to attend. I am asking for £200 ono This works out to around £28 per game. Please email me if interested on cambonna@hotmail.co.uk or by SMS 07775692132
  6. Jas the barclay I have been attending for 20 years and dont live in the past im 29 years of age so have been brought up with the model footballer. Really???????? This football is dross get real
  7. MARCO VAN BASTEN OR FRANK RIJKAARDLets go for a big name,Respect from playersInstant response from players wanting to impress a big name managerEven at a cost for short term lets secure our place in the premier this year with a massive bonus for the new manager then hope we get him onside and he wants the job fulltimeCOME ON CITY, EFFIN LOVE YOU
  8. In addition to the above song i forgot to mention when singing goin crazy thats the cue to go Absolutely mental
  9. How about Robbie Williams Dizzee Rascal GOIN CRAZYI ........Cant seem to figure out.......Y..........So i just scream and shoutGARY HOOPER GARY HOOPER GARY HOOPER GARY HOOPERgoin crazy goin crazy goin crazyI believe im losing my mind I ........Cant seem to figure out.......Y..........So i just scream and shoutGARY HOOPER GARY HOOPER GARY HOOPER GARY HOOPERgoin crazy goin crazy goin crazyI believe im losing my mind Obviously lyrics need changing and tweeking but origonal and catchy
  10. F OFF the guy has potentially pulled the biggest tactical nous that has made us survive this season. Give him the begining of next season then enjoy humble pie and wiping egg off your face.
  11. Hi probably not the place for this but wanted to grab everyones attention. I found a pair of glasses (reading/everyday) outside the barclay stand on saturday after the reading game. If you lost your glasses saturday or know of someone who did then please get intouch.
  12. No one expecting morro to be Grant Holt. We dont expect jackson or harry Kane to be grant holt. We want to celebrate a striker doing his job in his own style but we have now got to a point where people are praising morro for his performance against villa. It was average - the problem we have is that he has set his benchmark so low that any performance above the norm is now celebrated as him having a good game. Its tiresome.Quite simply not good enough But until he leaves i will cheer the lad on everytime he wears the shirt.
  13. The club are playing safe because if Grant Holt got injured then we would potentially have bigger wages over a longer period of time to pay them. Also we could get relegated and that would in effect be a big overhead if we were to improve or extend his contract. and have to honour this within the championship.Grant Holt can be replaced. Why think of strikers? I believe his ethos and figure head status just needs to be replicated within the team in any position.
  14. Target 1 - Chung-Yong Lee (BOLTON)Target 2 - Martin Olsson      (BLACKBURN)Target 3 - Jay Rodriguez      (BURNLEY)Nothing to do with B'' teams3 Players i believe we should be looking at
  15. Everyone around me knows where the song came from, I have nothing to gloat about. It simply took off. Why you need to know the song i do not know. There will be someone on here who wants a reaction and will try to claim it so for that reason im out.
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