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  1. Hope he does go, no future here as he is not Premiership standard and even struggled to get in our side in the Championship. Should go back to Luton!
  2. Glenn Hoddle has applied for the vacant managers position at Norwich City
  3. Gordon, or GNG as he is called by some, is an employee at Norwich City Football club, and I think very soon people are going to be owing him a very big apology.
  4. Its not Mpenza as some believe, but Darius Vassell!
  5. I am afraid anyone hoping that this is true is going to be very disappointed. I know.
  6. Very good post and very very feasible. I would say that 2 out 3 of your suggestions are spot on!
  7. I have just left the club, but I can confirm that we are very much after James Brown, despite what was mentioned in the press recently. My guess that Paul''s words were a smokescreen, we stand a much better chance of landing Brown by leaking that info about his knee, and it may drive his price down a little. Apart from that Hungary has been mentioned a lot and it would not surprise me if a Striker/Winger were to come from that direction in the next week or so.
  8. Peter Cullum would be interested if he felt that Delia Smith had lost public support.   I cannot say anymore, but like many posters on here I am a true fan and am fed up with the direction our club is going in. Come August 31st you may want to act if you like.
  9. What about them? They have no actual money to invest, and with the current financial climate that is not likely to change anytime soon.
  10. No, but if you want to implore Peter Cullum to save us.....   Peter.Cullum@towergate.co.uk     I am not called Mole for nothing, lets just say that I am on the inside and I have had enough!   And also apologies, Bryan''s email is bryan.gunn@ncfc-canaries.co.uk, the original had a space in the wrong place.
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