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  1. oh yes youve got love it. its like marmite you either love it or hate it :)
  2. i see youve signed linvoy primus in your team them :):):):)):)::)):):):)
  3. sweet. go for the real job!!! beaker for top boss new thread alert :)
  4. [quote user="Beaker"]hello my dear. sorry i was on fuss man[/quote] haha how you getting on now??? is the comp ok?? or has butterfant pi**ed it up??
  5. [quote user="Dr. Bunsen"]bag of revels- never knoe which one your going to get.[/quote] know***
  6. [quote user="we8wba"]you for real?[/quote] SHUTUP
  7. [quote user="Delia S. Tickers"][quote user="the stump"] if true i would be over the moon litas a class player he doesnt give defenders much time to play and i reckon hes odds on to score at least 15 goals a season however his wages may prove a problem otbc [/quote] So, you know what he''s on then? Thought not...... [/quote] WELL IT DOESNT TAKE A GENIUS TO WORK OUT THAT HES ON HIGH WAGES DOES IT
  8. [quote user="NCFC_Shaun"]Ashton Gate is a shit hole. If you want one in Wales then surely the millenium satadium is the obvious choice.[/quote] hahahahahahahahahaahahahah LMAO
  9. [quote user="ncfc90"]Bertrand goes back in January, and Adam Drury is jsut crap. Average defensivly, abysmal passing, and he''s terrible going forward. Hopefully we will get a new LB aswell as a CB[/quote] too be fair though bell didnt exactly help him much did he. how many times did he leave the pass short to him?? hes not that bad
  10. [quote user="Lord Flashheart"][quote user="Dr. Bunsen"] leave the origional poster alone he was only saying bloody hell everyone chill ya beans [/quote] Come on, Bunsen. You''re a scientist. If someone has a theory then they should offer some decent evidence for it. Canary Boy hasn''t which is why we''re grilling him. Nothing wrong with that. Indeed, it should be encouraged on a discussion forum. [:D] [/quote] good point. canary boy sort it out!!!!! [:D] we need evidence[:D]
  11. no probably not....... he was just feeling generous :)  
  12. [quote user="Evil Monkey"][quote user="Canary Boy"]Relevance, we need a decent new manager.[/quote] So Blackburn beat Stoke, a fellow relegation candidate, 3-0 with a new manager in charge, gaining 3 points. Norwich beat Charlton, a fellow relegation candidate, 1-0 with an existing manager in charge, gaining 3 points. I''ll leave the rest of the logic up to you, if that''s possible... [/quote] +3 goal difference for blackburn +1 goal difference from norwich............ what would you prefer have???? leave the origional poster alone he was only saying bloody hell everyone chill ya beans
  13. [quote user="king canary"][quote user="Mister Chops"][quote user="The Butler"] [quote user="Mister Chops"]Yes, it''s that time of the year again when we celebrate being Norwich City fans by making some absurd comment about the team we''re playing tomorrow in the hope that we''ll get lots of replies and boost our post count. So.... come on Charlton Athletic, remember what time of year it is, the season of joy and goodwill to all men, and give us a present in the form of an early sending off, a penalty for Sammy Clingan to bang into the net, and an easy 4-0 home victory. Yes I am aware that if we win 4-0 then "Rodent" will be safer in his job, and if we win 4-0 against Palace and 4-0 against Forest then he''ll be even safer, and this will be disastrous for Norwich City, and if we win our games in January then he''ll never leave, and if we win all our games in February and get to seventh in the table then the sheep/fools/idiots of Norfolk might start wanting him to stay... but come on Charlton, be as crap as you were against Derby and we''ll all get on like a house on fire. [/quote] You are nothing but a Saruman in disguise. Your yellow and green robes hide your true wishes. You are a follower of the dark lord of Mordor (or Lowestoft) If 4-0 is your worst then bring it on!!   [/quote] What really worries me is WHAT HAPPENS IF ROEDER WINS ALL THE REMAINING GAMES THIS SEASON?  HOW WILL WE GET RID OF HIM THEN? [:|] [8-)] [/quote] Would winning the next 5 games be good for the club? [/quote] yes of corse it is. roederfs a prock but come on our safety comes first
  14. [quote user="Fuglestad"]thanks for the info city angel. This really is a nasty spiteful little forum, I really hope Huckerby and any other players have stopped reading it.[/quote] hahahahaahahahahaahahahahahaahahahaha well you know what to do dont you............. yep thats right grab your coat :)
  15. [quote user="Beaker"]GOOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLL[/quote] hahahahahha do you remember that lmao!!!!!  
  16. [quote user="Evil Monkey"]Why is w8wba, who has since admitted being Dr Bunsen, again pretending to be a City fan...? [/quote] eeer yeah ok!!!! i really am a city fan sit in lower barclay and am probably more of a fan than you di*k head how can i be we8wba when i can spell and he quite clearly cant. where did he say he was me then proof?? TW*T
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