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  1. oh yes youve got love it. its like marmite you either love it or hate it :)
  2. i see youve signed linvoy primus in your team them :):):):)):)::)):):):)
  3. sweet. go for the real job!!! beaker for top boss new thread alert :)
  4. [quote user="Beaker"]hello my dear. sorry i was on fuss man[/quote] haha how you getting on now??? is the comp ok?? or has butterfant pi**ed it up??
  5. [quote user="Dr. Bunsen"]bag of revels- never knoe which one your going to get.[/quote] know***
  6. [quote user="we8wba"]you for real?[/quote] SHUTUP
  7. [quote user="Delia S. Tickers"][quote user="the stump"] if true i would be over the moon litas a class player he doesnt give defenders much time to play and i reckon hes odds on to score at least 15 goals a season however his wages may prove a problem otbc [/quote] So, you know what he''s on then? Thought not...... [/quote] WELL IT DOESNT TAKE A GENIUS TO WORK OUT THAT HES ON HIGH WAGES DOES IT
  8. [quote user="NCFC_Shaun"]Ashton Gate is a shit hole. If you want one in Wales then surely the millenium satadium is the obvious choice.[/quote] hahahahahahahahahaahahahah LMAO
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