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  1. Wow.... in the preview the link and embedded pic worked! Doesn''t seem to now!?
  2. Saw the minimalist superhero wallpapers online and thought I would have a go at trying to do an ncfc one . . [url=http://www.flickr.com/photos/8456368@N05/9724930209/]click here for full size version[/url]
  3. Did anyone else enjoy the stand up, sit down routine when Garrido got injured? Pantomime season has started early! I hope they show it on MOTD
  4. You make some interesting, valid points but the one factor I just can''t seem to shake is the complete lack of effort, it seems we went backwards about 3 years last night which was a real pity, Lambert was obviously fuming, I think he isn''t overly bothered about staying in the carling cup but he is justifiably annoyed at the lack of effort displayed last night. He appears to build his teams around hunger and desire which was in very limited supply last night. I think Colney will be a very uncomfortable place to be today and rightly so. Oh well disappointment aside, roll on Saturday and how the team responds is vital and maybe, just maybe this is the the wake up call that drives us on to victory against one of the better sides in the country.
  5. 5 min interview, talked about simeon jackson, Holts injury, looking forward to the new season and ambitions to take Norwich forward and gain promotion! usual non commital stuff but seemed motivated enough, he always plays it down to the media, bet it''s a different story behind the scenes though!!!! Roll on tomorrow. OTBC
  6. lol ....... the thread is called sick of all the leeds publicity and then ya all start talking about Beckford .......... All I want to say about it is how disgusted I was when at the end of the League one show all the BBC could think of as highlights to finish was a leeds player cheering ......... yet when they handed the title to newcastle they finished with them lifting the trophy ....... poor country cousins anyone? lol
  7. He looks like he is getting more tactically aware as each game passes, he brought Shakell back, Gow, and Mooney in on loan and they all made a real difference tonight and as for Cody? he looks like a whippet!! He made wise subs at the right times and picked a winning team! so, Gunn might be short on experiance but there was a TEAM playing tonight (after sat it must have taken something special to lift that performance out of the team) and so I think, without getting carried away, that we may just have a chance of staying up under Gunn''s leadership!
  8. to the tune of ghostbusters............. if your out of time and you need a goal, who you gonna call........ corts netbusters!
  9. I reckon gunny wiil be given the assistant managers posistion, managers job to ince!
  10. I have been a store manager in retail for many years and every member of staff in every store in every company has needed motivation to do their jobs. It just keeps them focused on the job in hand... some need motivating by telling them they are doing a great job and how best to do even better, some by a huge great boot up the backside, the trick is adjusting to each individual, roeder, i believe completly missed the point there and the I hope the new guy really does posses the skills because on yesterdays showing that is exactly what they need!
  11. It felt like first half they were still scared of making a mistake, I guess they were expecting the usual roasting at half time, it never came, suddenly they had license to play properly and it seemed like a pressure cap being released, suddenly they could ply their trade, do their jobs without fear, and boy did it show! couldnt buy a goal a short time ago, now 4 different players on the scoresheet! Man, does it feel good to have our club back! I felt like a teen again chanting gunnys name, mind drifting back to those glory years and seeing it start to happen on the pitch..... 1 game does not make a season, someone else is going to come in to manage, it''s still not going to be perfect but this day I shall wear my shirt with pride
  12. I thought it was a really nice touch with all the green and yellow sheets of paper we all held up too...........must have looked awesome as they ran out!
  13. after patterson not passing to him he had a good moan towards the bench as he walked back, looked really cheesed off....... a team 3-0 up at the time eager for more goals is a good place to be!!!
  14. Ok now the rumour mill is going to go into hyperdrive!!! who next? My shout? PAUL INCE!!!!!!
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