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    Hooper done deal

    [quote user="Bethnal Yellow and Green"]

    [quote user="The Chirp"][quote user="Jimmy Smith"]still 2-1 at the bookies, get your house on it! Ruddy to Chelsea is also 2-1...[/quote]About a week ago, I was told that Chelsea offered Norwich £3m for Ruddy. I don''t see him going there - Arsenal might be a different story. There were interested up to the point of him getting injured. I think Hooper will happen - would have rathered we had gone arfter Cardiff''s newbie Cornelius. [/quote]

    Ruddy won''t go to Arsenal, and they have never been interested. Wenger like keepers who are comfortable with the ball at their feet, quick off thier line and have good distribution - I''d say those are the 3 weakest parts of John Ruddy''s game.

    [/quote]They have been interested in him. I agree with what you say about his distribution - but I would imagine it is his command of the box/handling/positioning that have got their interest.
  2. The Chirp

    Hooper done deal

    [quote user="Alex "]You can take this or leave it, but in the last 2 weeks I''ve started working with a cousin (surprise surprise!) Of one of Arsene Wengers right hand men at Arsenal. As he was going to see his cousin on Sunday I asked him jokingly if he could find out any truth in the rumour that Wenger rates Ruddy - the answer I got back was ''Arsene does but a move for him is nonsense, complete press speculation - he wouldn''t take a gamble on a player he thinks is a good keeper but injury prone''. As I say you can take it or leave it, from memory I personally wasn''t aware of JR having any injuries prior to last season though but there you go. He also said Arteta is likely to go to Hull, and Vermaelen is a done deal with AS Roma.[/quote]The day Ruddy got injured, the chief exec of Arsenal made contact to find out how long he''d be out for. I would say Arsene is more than a little bit interested in him. Whether he will actually move for him I guess we will have to wait and see. Personally, I think he is perfect for Arsenal. A David Seaman-style keeper. Keeps it simple.
  3. The Chirp

    Jed Steer off to Villa

    Although Steer is undoubtedly as good prospect, he was a long way off playing for Norwich or even being a regular on the bench. With his wages off the bill, I would imagine they will now go to one or two of the youth cup winners who''ll get a full time pro deal.
  4. The Chirp

    Hooper done deal

    [quote user="Jimmy Smith"]still 2-1 at the bookies, get your house on it!

    Ruddy to Chelsea is also 2-1...[/quote]About a week ago, I was told that Chelsea offered Norwich £3m for Ruddy. I don''t see him going there - Arsenal might be a different story. There were interested up to the point of him getting injured. I think Hooper will happen - would have rathered we had gone arfter Cardiff''s newbie Cornelius.
  5. The Chirp

    Autobiography help required

    Agreed! Signing out.

  6. The Chirp

    Autobiography help required

    [quote user="Jacko"]Most autobiographies are in fact ghosted Chops. So that isn''t unusual at all. Fingers crossed there is a book coming out and preferably about someone who was at Norwich for a long time so had a good story to tell about the club during that period . I didn''t buy Sutton''s book because he just wasn''t at Norwich long enough for it to appeal to me (as good as a player as he was).[/quote]It''s a player most Norwich fans will be keen to read about - even Mr Chops!

  7. The Chirp

    Autobiography help required

    [quote user="Herman "]

    You write a biography.

    The player in question would write an autobiography.

    I think,now you got me confused[:S]

    [/quote]A biography is written about a person by someone else. An autobiography is written by the person the story is about. However, many people have someone else to help write the story for them. See Darren Huckerby, Bryan Gunn and Iwan Roberts'' autobiographies as examples. In the same sense, every column you read is likely to be written with the help of a journalist.
  8. The Chirp

    Autobiography help required

    [quote user="TIL 1010"]

    [quote user="The Chirp"]Thank you Rootin - Greatly appreciated. Mr Chops - i''ll bite on this - what makes you think I am not writing an autobiography?[/quote]

    Clearly Chirp you have no idea what an autobiography is.

    [/quote]See my reply to someone else who is just as pathetic as you. I simply asked a question as I needed help on some research. Silly thing to do on here as I forgot that many of the posters here have nothing better to do in their lives than to find potential fault and argue the sky isn''t blue. I am a journalist who is ghostwriting an autobiography - or helping to write a footballer''s story. Can you understand that or does that not compute with you? Pinkun keyboard warriors... you''ve got to love them!
  9. The Chirp

    Autobiography help required

    [quote user="City1st"]

    I think the clue is in the 10th word of the OP



    [/quote]This is why i rarely post on this mb - the people on this messageboard are so... difficult. If you browse your collection of autobiographies, I am quite sure you will find they are often written by someone else rather than the person who the book is about. .
  10. The Chirp

    Autobiography help required

    Thank you Rootin - Greatly appreciated. Mr Chops - i''ll bite on this - what makes you think I am not writing an autobiography?
  11. The Chirp

    Autobiography help required

    Hi,I am in the process of writing an autobiography for an ex-Norwich player and was wondering if any of you could help with the following information.Appearances and goals for the 93/94 seasonTeams for Norwich vs Vitesse (inc subs and time they came on) Norwich vs Bayern Munich (inc subs and time they came on)Currently, I cannot reveal the player in question, but if anyone can help with the above, it''d be greatly appreciated.

  12. The Chirp

    Sam Baldock & Dani Pacheco

    Baldock has the same agent as Butterfield, Ruddy and Ward so I would imagine if Sam''s available, the agent would have at the very least mention this to Norwich. He''s not a bad player, but no better than what we already have.
  13. Pretty sure Snoddy will be used as a second striker or like how Lavanche has him as part of an attacking midfield 5. Will be very surprised to see Howson or Pilks move. 
  14. He''s a good manager - one that if we were in the champ, I''d be very happy if we appointed him.

  15. [quote user="I am a Banana"]

    When we sent Korey Smith out to Barnsley on loan for the 2nd half of the season, this was to give them extra midfield cover whilst Butterfield was out injured. Lambert knew he was out of contract and made that part of the loan deal, to get Butterfield here this summer.

    Lambert couldn''t get him at Villa as he had already signed for us. - Answer to the ''Why didn''t Lambert take him to villa'' question.

    [/quote]Sorry this isn''t true. I know his agent through my editor and this deal came recently.
  16. My office made me take it down when it looked like Holt was leaving - (I know) does anyone have a link to the illustration with Believe written under it?

  17. The Chirp

    Jacob Butterfield

    He was in Norwich on Friday passing his medical. At that point both Newcastle and Southampton came in with bigger offers. However, he signed on Saturday around lunchtime as he was won over by Hughton and (as usual with most players who come to NC) was very impressed with the set up. Credit must go to his agent, who advised Jacob to come here over the other clubs (the agent looks after other players in the NC squad) despite knowing he''d earn more cash out of the move if he went elsewhere.
  18. The Chirp

    Josh McEachran

    Not good enough at the moment. Didn''t get a look in at Swansea and at times was training in their reserves. Needs a season in the Championship.
  19. Guys this is massive BS.

    I know for a fact that Norwich have been in discussions with Ruddy about extending his contract and that he will remain here.

    Don''t be taken in by the Mirror or the DM for that matter
  20. The Chirp

    realistic price for Holt

    [quote user="chicken"]

    Rodriguez cost Southampton £7million. That is a risk.

    Holt has scored 15 goals in the prem. Not by accident.

    I would say £5million would be a fair enough price. Two years left on his contract. His game is not based upon pace so he isn''t going to go down hill as sharply as Owen or other pace reliant strikers.

    If it is to West Ham then I would ask for Carlton Cole in part exchange.

    [/quote]I was told by an agent that Carlton Cole has an underlying injury that''ll make it hard for him to pass a fitness test. So defo don''t want him at Carrow Road. It has to be Jordan Rhodes for me. He''ll cost a pretty penny but we''re going to need to part with some serious money to replace Holt.
  21. The Chirp

    realistic price for Holt

    [quote user="baldyboy"]in my mind no more than 1.5 million pounds due to his age and only one season at this level. people saying we will get 4 to 5 million are in cloud cuckoo land!!![/quote]£1.5m for a 15 goal striker with Prem experience? Sorry mate but in my opinion I think you''re more in cloud cuckoo land than people saying £4m. He might be 31, but there are a few teams who are in need of a striker like Holt. That''ll increase what we can get for him.
  22. [quote user="Sports Desk Pete"]

    Just to stop the rumour mill again. I

    have expressed to the board and the CEO that I want to leave the

    football club. Due to disagreements

    [/quote]I have it on good authority that this disagreement is that he wanted to go to Rangers and we wouldn''t let him. He wants out as he wants more cash and if possible a move to Rangers once their embargo is lifted. Don''t believe all the BS about fights and stuff. Holt''s head was massively turned by Rangers, and his agent has been doing his upmost ever since. I don''t think it is any more exciting than that folks. Football is full of greedy players and managers, and in my opinion that includes Holt and Lambert. I fully respect all they''ve done for the club, but I think both have totally forgotten or cast aside in their mind what Norwich has done for them.
  23. The Chirp

    GRANT HOLT?!?!?!? WTF?!??!!

    Okay, i''ve just heard more from a different agent (not Holt''s again)Holt wanted to go to Rangers (i think he''s a fan?), his agent had spoken to them again  in the last week as they were still interested in him but they have been told they can''t sign anyone above 18 years of age until their financial issues are sorted. Transfer request was still put in though by Holt for some reason, but as far as this guy knows, there isn''t a plan B for him at present. It could be crap but as i''ve said before, it is a reliable source. I''m still hoping NC will give him a bigger deal and he''ll see sense.

  24. The Chirp

    GRANT HOLT?!?!?!? WTF?!??!!

    I just spoke to an agent (not Holt''s I might add) and I have been told that the issue is that Holt asked for more money and was told no. IF this is er, on the money - which I suspect it is, I think he''s well within his rights to ask for more. I am also sure that he is well aware other clubs would take him.

  25. The Chirp

    John Ruddy

    Have it on v.good authority he''s been called up and got the call last night. Heard nothing on Holty though.