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  1. I was impressed by Seaborne. Tall, strong, touch of pace, decent control and willing to play the ball rather than just get rid at first opportunity (a la Nelaon). Reminded me a bit of Spillane actually. Think Southampton have got themselves a potential gem there.
  2. As has already been said, he''d give us pace and width which we don''t have. League titles and promotions are won on the strength of the squad, not just the team. He would improve the strength of our squad.
  3. Very, very, very poor. Goalkeeper very poor, doc seemingly unable to pass, semi woeful and at fault for 3 of 5 goals. Offensively poor, midfield static, holt trying hard and martin useless. Only players to come out with credit are hoolahan and holt. Rest are very very poor indeed
  4. Chuck Norris doesn''t push himself up. He pushes the world down.
  5. Always good to see what people think. Here''s the Time''s predictions for our upcoming season1. Leeds2. NORWICH3. MK Dons4. Huddesfield5. Brentford6. Charlton7. Millwall8. Tranmere9. Swindon10. Oldham11. Bristol Rovers12. Leyton Orient13. Walsall14. Southend Utd15. Southampton16. Wycombe17. Hartlepool18. Yeovil19. Gillingham20. Carlisle21. Colchester22. Brighton23. Exeter24. StockportAbout us:"Norwich City Crowds of 20,000-plus at Carrow Road will demand that Norwich quickly establish themselves among the promotion front-runners. Bryan Gunn, who failed to keep the club up last season, is yet to convince he can make the grade as a manager, but has been given financial backing to bolster the squad with excellent signings such as Simon Whaley, the midfield player, and Grant Holt, the experienced forward."
  6. It''s a bit of an odd question as I assume none of us are wealthy people and I assume none of us are either Delia or Michael.
  7. It''s a nice choice to have. Both Spillane and Otsemobor have impressed pre-season. For me, it''s Spillane, though. Defensively stronger, and offensively still able (if not as able as Otsemobor).Either way, though, these are the sort of problems you want as a fan of a football club.
  8. Some interesting comments but wouldn''t agree with them all. Otsemobor twice the player from last season? Hardly. Offensively good, defensively poor. I think with Nelson, Askou and Stefanovic coming back, Spillane will be utilised as a right back over Otsemobor because he is defensively stronger. But I agree that he had a good game at center half, and good to know we have options. Martin on the left didn''t do it for me, and only when he was pushed further up and encouraged to push forward did he start coming into it. Whale I agree, Gill I agree - but I felt Hughes was decent enough and would put him on a par with Gill. Was more impressed with Tudur Jones than both Gill and Hughes. 
  9. I think the comments he has received are a little unfair. I don''t think any of the new signings can really be judged quite so decisively as some have above quite yet. We have to remember Hughes was playing for the first time today and against Premiership opposition. And in my opinion he looked handy.
  10. Looked decent. His passes were generally accurate and positive, his movement good and occasionally showed ability dribbling. He looked like he had a bit of intelligence about him as well - played some clever passes, straight out of the Ian Crook book of how to pass a ball! On the negative side does not take a good free kick or corner (based on the two or three occasions he attempted today) and did not get forward as much as I''d have liked him to.
  11. He''s on paternity leave. Entitled to it by law.
  12. So, after my hastily written report on my phone at half time, I can give you the more in depth full time report.Second half was as encouraging as the first, some good play from a good overall team performance. Defensively, we looked solid. Doherty and Spillane performed admirably as a central defensive unit, and really marked their men well. Otsemobor was at fault for their first goal, leaving the man unmarked on the set piece. However, offensively he was very good, providing a real threat down the right a longside Whaley. Drury looked really solid and was, IMO, one of two picks for MotM. He was strong, good offensively and excellent defensively. Wigan''s wingers had real trouble getting by him. All four who started the match finished it.In midfield, we started with a midfield five of Martin on left, Whaley on right, Tudur Jones and Hughes in middle with Hoolahan roaming. Martin on left doesn''t really work for me. He doesn''t have the control skills to really work as a winger. He needs to be up front getting himself in dangerous positions to score goals. With Holt alongside him, I think that would work well. When he was pushed a bit further forward, he did very well indeed. A very encouraging performance from him. Whaley on the right drifted in and out of the game a bit, but when in the game looked really quite dangerous. He proved he could really trouble his full back and produced some neat passes. The midfield two I felt looked solid and very good. Hughes was a bit less static in the second half and showed some good running, but much more impressive was his excellent passing. Some very neat, encouraging stuff. Tudur Jones who was also excellent. Solid as a rock, sharp tackles and constantly pressing the opposition. I like that in a player and I think I''ll like Tudur Jones the more I see him. Finally, Hoolahan. What a player - the pass for Whaley''s winner was simply sublime. He was a constant thorn in Wigan''s side, and Wigan ended up just fouling him constantly. I think Hoolahan will be a big player for us - and he was my other choice for MotM. Gill came on for Tudur Jones and did well; reminded me a bit of Clingan with his tracking back, tackling and passing game. Adeyemi looked solid when he came on as well, using his strength against some accomplished opposition. But he does need to learn where to stand to win headers.Up front, Holt ran his heart out, but looked isolated and a little unfit. Some very nice touches, and his ability to pick a pass was also encouraging. Cody came on for Martin and looked sharp, some good running and challenged the Wigan defence well. Cureton came on for Holt later on, and didn''t really have much impact for me.So, next week will be Colchester and the start of our season in League One. It''ll be interesting to see what happens next week, and what team he plays. Gunny now has a squad with a number of good options and I personally don''t think eleven players stand out above anyone else. I think the squad we have here is good enough to get us back into the Championship - but we must get off to a good start next week.
  13. Some thoughts at half time. 1. Some good play as a unit. When on the ball we do knock it around very well and look very composed. We are looking to play from the back out as well which is good to see. 2. Of the new players, tudur jones looks very combative and capable of picking out a good pass. Theo looking ok in goal and is very vocal. Hughes looks a little static on occasion but does use the ball well. 3. Of the old players, doc doing very well. Semi good going forward but failed to pick up the man he should be marking for their goal. Drury looks sharp as I''ve seen him as well. 4. 4-5-1 at the minute with hoolahan wandering and martin on left. Holt been isolated but worked hard. Hoolahan needs to shoot more - 1 on 1 with keeper and looked for pass. Would have preferred a 4-4-2 as we should not need 4-5-1 a lot next season. More at full time
  14. Good. The seasons we''ve been predicted to do well we''ve always done naff! But even so, a bit surprised that they''ve put us that low.
  15. Typical Norwich fan mentality. Last year complain we didn''t have enough. Now we complain we have too many. Ridiculous.
  16. One of the very, very few people to transcend the Ipswich-Norwich rivalry. No matter who you are or support, if you were into football you had respect for Sir Bob. A sad day for football and my thoughts are with his family. RIP.
  17. And I''ve just seen they''re selling Jordan Rhodes (considered the best young striker at the club), Shumutoiletski (very popular with fans) and Pablo Counago deal''s been described as "not dead". The fans are not happy bunnys.
  18. Anyone remember the children''s tv show Bertha? For some reason I thought of that when I read "Berthou" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xoYdg_2BY00&feature=related
  19. Oh should also say mcveigh has been the pick for me - using his intelligence and experience well and playing some very clever balls
  20. Posting this from my phone at carrow road with the score 1-0 to norwich. A well taken 20 yarder from Adeyemi. Cureton missed an early sitter with a free header, doherty put a beautiful mcveigh corner straight at heaton and heaton pulled off a great save from tudur jones header. We''re doing well so far. Playing a very good, passing, direct style. Of the new lads, tudur jones looks very decent, playing the defensive midfielder role, closing down and tackling hard. Alnwick did well for the penalty, although it was a poor kick, and askou looks very capable. Looking forward to the 2nd half will post again then.
  21. With our squad now nearing completion, I thought it would be a good idea to have a look around the other sides and take a look at who other teams have brought in. Here''s a few things I''ve noticed.We''ve brought in more players than any other team. Next nearest is Oldham with 7.Only 17 of 93 signings involved a transfer fee. None of them disclosed the fee. Please note my source for this is the Sky Sports transfer list which I do think is missing one or two transfers.Nine of the 93 signings are loanees. We had more loans last season at our club alone than the entire league has at the moment. Notably one of those loanees is Ben Alnwick from Spurs to us.Of all the transfers, here are the pick of the bunch for me are: Liam Dickinson from Derby to Brighton, Miguel Angel Llera from MK Dons to Charlton, Peter Clarke from Southend to Huddesfield, Patrick Kisnorbo from Leicester to Leeds, Jermaine Easter from Plymouth to MK Dons, Jonathan Douglas from Leeds to Swindon, Alan Mahon from Burnley to Tranmere, Michael Duberry from Reading to Wycombe, Pawel Abbot from Darlington to Oldham.I think in comparison to these we can be pleased with the quality of our signings. I think many would suggest our main competitiors to be Charlton and Leeds. But I personally think MK Dons, Millwall, Oldham (my dark horses) and Huddesfield are all going to do well as well. I''ve not included Southampton as I think they''ll struggle to overcome the -10 points deduction they have to compete with the top of the table. Neither Charlton or Leeds have really strengthened significantly. Leeds have done well to keep hold of Beckford and Kisnorbo is a good signing, but I think they need more to really push for promotion. Charlton face increasing speculation about their financial stability and I think unless they sell some of their better youngsters, they may struggle to make it at the top. Millwall have kept the nucleus of the side that nearly fired them to the Championship, and added Jason Price, who always seems to do well against us, and I think they will do well. Do they have the consistency to make it any further than before? I don''t know. Oldham are managed by Dave Penney who I believe is one of the best managers outside the Prem & Champs. He has made some shrewd signings - Pawel Abbot knows where the net is. Andy Holdsworth, Jon Worthington and Keigan Parker as well are experienced veterens of this league and know exactly what''s needed. I predict they''ll do well. But again, I can''t see them doing that well. Finally, Huddesfield. They''ve had the cash - but what have they got to show for it? Robbie Simpson is a gamble. He''s not exactly done great at Coventry - but has showed he can score goals. Peter Clarke is a good defender as well. Other than that though, I''m not seeing exactly great progress. Huddesfield struggled at the end of last season - and I think they need more to really provide stiff competition for the top spots.What I''m trying to say is I don''t see a Leicester among the other clubs in league one. And unlike last year, the clubs that have joined us from League Two (Exeter, Wycombe and Brentford) are not blessed with rich benefactors. Far from it. So I don''t see any of them following in Peterborough''s foot steps. I think this league is a far, far easier league to get out of than last year''s league one. Our competitiors are not strengthening fantastically - probably because of a lack of money caused by the recession. Charlton and Southampton seem to be suffering from financial problems that make us look wealthy, and the wealthy sides of this league (Brighton and Huddesfield) don''t seem able to spend that money very efficiently.We must get this right. We have a great opportunity to bounce straight back - and I think we''re building well. Better than the other teams in this division.
  22. Rhoys Wiggins. And I''ll tell you why.A little time ago me and a Welsh mate of mine watched England U21s play Welsh U21s at Ninian Park. England''s U21s eventually won the tie, but the Welsh side - which was vastly tipped to lose badly - performed very, very admirably. One player in particular caught my eye, not really because of any outstanding performance, but because of an excellent job he did marking England''s James Milner. That was Rhoys Wiggins.He showed great strength, pace and control and I think Milner got the better of him once or twice. The rest of the time, Wiggins had him in his back pocket. He was really good, and could put in a cross or two as well. I''m delighted we''ve got him here. Yes, he''s suffered with injuries since that performance, but if we can get him anywhere near the level he showed at that performance, we''ve got ourselves an easily Championship level full back with the qualities there to be Premiership standard.Very, very good signing, IMO.
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