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  1. Mine Is Marshall GK Otsemobor RB Doherty CB Shackell CB Bertand LB Croft RM Clingan CM Russell CM Gow LM Mooney/Macdonald ST Lee ST  
  2. GK. Marshall LB. Bertand CB. Doherty CB. Shackell RB Otsemobor LM. Gow CM. Clingan CM. Russel RM Croft FW. Macdonald FW. Lee Subs. Nelson , Mooney , Drury , Smith , Lappin Cmon Fellow City Fans Lets Get Behind The Lads Tommorow And Give Them All Our Support. Lets Show Them How Loud We Can Be Tommorow. OTBC. City Till I Die
  3. Lets Take as many as we can to get behind the lads and sing our hearts out !
  4. Blackpool is a must win game to keep out hopes of staying in the championship What do u think the team shud be? Marshall Otsemobor Shackell Doherty Grounds/Bertrand Hoolihan Clingan Russel Croft Cort Cureton/Gow Cmon City Lets Get as many people to go to blackpool give the lads our full support and sing out hearts out. ON The Ball City City Till I Die ! ! !
  5. well at least he''s trying and trying to get us out of trouble
  6. but then he needs to get full games to get fit and show he can do it at this level
  7. Lets get behind the lads and then they will repay us by keeping us playing championship football. So cmon fellow city fans lets do this for our club we all love and adore. Dnt put players down as well keep there moral up then they will perform for us. Cmon City We Can Stay Up. i beleive we can do it so do this for the fans .
  8. why take cort off for he doing so well and if he is to get his fitness up he will need to play games to get fitter. He looking lively upfront but we need to have another player who can score instead of cureton coz he shit. In out next game against coventry lets get behind the lads make the roof come off they need us more than anything so cmon lads/ladies lets do this for the football club we all love and wood die for
  9. Rudd Gk Drury Lb Doc Cb Spillane Cb Otsemobor Rb Patterson/Carney Lm Russel Cm Fozzy Cm Korey Smith Rm Cort/Macdonald Fw Cureton/Martin Fw Hope croft and hoolihan stay tho and then we will bounce back  to championship football Cort will stay he wont get in no other team and he doing so well atm so fingers crossed to stay up . (Y)
  10. why not try cody upfront we int got nuttin to lose ave we
  11. Im renewing my season ticket no matter what they do we gotta stick beside our team show them we care. Just coz we int having a good season this dnt let this mess up out club by people not renewing we need as many supporters as we can get to get the lads moral up.
  12. Marshall Otsemobor   Bertrand Doherty Grounds/Shackell Croft Hoolahan Clingan Russel Cureton/Killen Cort Who do u think should start?
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