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  1. With fresh money coming in..... maybe.....who knows what could happen ;)
  2. Lets hope he does destroy teams Evil. I''m really looking forward to the next home game now! Bring it on.
  3. BERTRAND vs DRURY - excellent signing, grat reading of the game, fast, confident, skillful KENNEDY vs DOC - hmmm no complaints there DEJAN S vs SHACKS - Dejan can actually pass the ball - best signing so far! HOOLAHAN - not Hucks, but certainly offers something different. Will always be a threat. CLINGAN - good safe holding midfielder, would like to see him play with Rusty, drop the ''one year contract'' boy and make Dejan captain LUPOLI vs CURETON - sorry Jamie, no contest! SIBIERSKI vs DION - a good experienced replacement, with slightly younger legs BELL vs CROFT - haven''t seen Bell play in a Norwich shirt yet, but although I can''t fault Crofty''s determination his finishing is dreadful and his final ball often poor Then consider the other players we have as Subs - Osmosis, OJ, and the other new loanees not forgetting Chadwick etc. The final piece of the jigsaw is here til January. Lets stop moaning, get behind the team and look forward to a top 6 place by Christmas. OTBC!
  4. It would be great if the EDP would run a poll like they have previously to find out supporters feelings. I would like Delia to step down. As with Worthy, thanks for the good times, but its time to go! Lets'' have Cullum and his merry men/women. Business people not cooks.
  5. Delia is rapidly ruining this club! This is an awful time for takeover arguments to be held in public. Players do not want to come to an unsettled club! I''ve heard from a very reliable source that Delia is a nightmare to work with. She thinks she has the clubs best interests at heart - but is it all really to do with raising her own profile? Why do we have a lawyer as a negotiator? Says it all really. Delia - move on. We don''t love you any more Let''s be havin enough of you!
  6. I''d be happy to see Fozzy go. He''s fairly solid but hasn''t set the world alight. Bring back Marney. Fozzy is nothing compared to Marney now he''s beefed up a bit.
  7. Who would you take if we had £1.5 million to spend. Would we get any for 1.5m?
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